How Law Firms Can See ROI From Social Media Marketing

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canary wharf reflectionSocial media is a method of providing potential clients with the kind of in-depth information that any internet user has come to expect to find online prior to making any kind of decision requiring a significant commitment.

As a law firm, you want your clients and potential clients to make an informed decision to come to your firm over someone else’s. Social Media Marketing is a great way to go about this, as you can portray your business openly and honestly, through content and interactions.

So, how can law firms see ROI (return on investment) from social media?

There are 4 need-to-know steps:

1. Have a tailored strategy

No two law firms are the same. Even if they are competitors in the same location, they still might have different goals and certainly have a different culture and approach to their clients.

As such, a tailored social media strategy is a must. A strategy based on their marketing goals that will be focused on being on the social networks their audience is and use them the best way possible.

This means researching the right networks to use and, besides using the major channels like LinkedIn or Twitter, going a bit further and researching specific law and legal social networks where their audience is interacting. These are places that they will be able to get excellent results from.

2. Listen and interact

There are already many conversations going on about the law sector in general and about your specific niche in particular. By listening and monitoring these conversations you’ll end up with useful information about the strengths and weaknesses of your sector or brand (and your competitors), the type of issues people are facing and their needs and desires. These are all valuable information to drive your brand strategies and connect with your audience.

Listening also provides a look at the commenter’s age, gender and location. Having this information gives you the possibility to tailor your message and produce offerings for specific geographic regions and ranges, increasing your ROI on using social media.

3. Deliver valuable content

The key to producing content for law firms don’t differ much as well from other industries.

The key to being successful on social media and getting results from it is being consistent on delivering relevant and valuable content.

So law firms needs to deliver information that help their potential clients take a decision of working with them as well as delivering valuable information such as industry news, tips and certain pieces of advice that might be helpful.

Along with joining the conversations taking place, this is what will engage an audience with your brand. This is true of any industry or business wanting to take advantage of social media networks.

4. Measure your social media ROI

If you want to get ROI from your social media marketing efforts, you need to measure them to see if you’re achieving your goals or just wasting your time.

What you measure is what you’ll come to define ROI. So you need to clearly know your marketing goals on social media so you can measure them and determine what metrics are relevant to you in particular.

This information tells you where you should spend your time and where you need to improve your social media marketing.


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