How Long Will It Take To Get On The First Page Of Google?

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This is the million-dollar question that no one has the answer to. With Google’s ever-changing search engine algorithms, there are far too many factors to consider to give an exact timeframe. The question also differs based on the search terms you want to rank for and the competitiveness of your industry.

You should expect to appear in position one, page one for your brand terms. This will be the main driver of traffic to your site from the search engines so it is important your homepage page title and meta descriptions are up-to-date. Having copy on your homepage is also very important. Google will look at the page title, meta description and on-page copy to gain an understanding of what your website is about. If you are unable to describe your business in 155 characters or less you need to try again.

Not all users will arrive on your homepage so it is important that the same principles that we have discussed above are also present on every page on your website. This will ensure that you don’t have any duplicate content that doesn’t provide much value to the end user or the search engines.

If you’re competing for keywords in the travel, insurance, retail sectors it can be difficult for new sites to gain visibility on page one. The larger brands who have large followings on social media and an already large customer base will naturally receive a lot of links back into their website. This will boost the trust of the domain, which will, in turn, boost their SEO rankings. However if your business operates in a local area then it will be a lot easier to appear in front of your customers in your target area.

Local SEO involves ranking for location based search terms in both the organic and map listings. To improve your Google map rankings, it is important to ensure that your Google My Business page is 100% complete and contains relevant information and keywords.

So let us go back to the original question: how long will it take to get on the first page of Google? Give your site the best possible chance of ranking by ensuring all of the key SEO basics are in place. As long as your foundations are correct and you are proactively producing engaging content on a mobile friendly website you can expect to see your site on page one.

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