How Many Tweets Per Day Should You Send As A Business?

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new_twitter_logoThe Twitterverse (a.k.a Twitter) is now a household word – with many of us furthering our social lives and our businesses via the social media platform – but we know it can be a bit of a minefield if you are just getting started. We often get asked ‘How much is too much?’ which is why on today’s blog we are exploring how many tweets per day you should send.

What we are aiming for when it comes to Twitter and other social media platforms is a perfect balance – just enough posting to keep people enthralled, but not too much to annoy them!

To help you with making the call on how much is too much, we have compiled our list of “Hints & Tips” to ask yourself before posting!

Hints and Tips: How many tweets per day should you post as a business?

1. What do your competitors do?

Look at your direct competitors and other people you follow on Twitter – how often do they post? Think of which feeds you most admire and take this as an example, look closely at how often they post and with what content. Likewise, you may find feeds annoy you – take heed of that feeling and remember what, in particular, annoyed you about that feed. It may be that they posted across multiple platforms – many people do this as a lazy form of updating all of their profiles at once – sometimes it is acceptable but on most occasions a post which may be an interesting image on Instagram may not come across as well on Twitter for example.

2. Work out how much time you have to post.

Social media is only useful if you can easily fit it into your day. Don’t get bogged down by posting as you will come to begrudge the medium – sit down and think honestly about how often you feel you can post – at least once a day is a minimum to be proactive, but if it is no more than this just make sure what you are posting is relevant and interesting. If you stick to your time allowance, you will probably find you post just enough, not very many of our busy clients will over-post simply due to the fact that they are so busy!

3. Research the best time for posting and pre-plan your tweets to coincide.

Although much of the above is down to opinion, at SocialB we like hard facts, so we spend lots of time working out which time of day gets the best response on social media. It varies between platforms, industries and your clients, but can help you to work out the best time to tweet to receive the most interaction, therefore allowing you to tweet less often (think quality, not quantity). Work out when most people use social media – people often refresh their newsfeeds at lunchtime, first thing in the morning when their alarm goes off, or at commuting time when people are waiting for public transport and have nothing for their hands to do apart from to look at their phones! (Just gaze around you on a train platform next time you travel – you’ll see what we mean!).  We often carry out manual research for our clients on the best time to post but also have some super handy tools to use too – feel free to ask us for more details.

Need a few more pointers on how many tweets per day you should post on your business page? Get in touch!

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