How much time have you wasted on social media this year?

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Do you know what social media success looks like?

It’s coming to the end of the year, you should be reviewing your social media campaigns from 2013 and building your strategies for 2014.

One of the biggest mistakes that companies make is to create a bundle of social media profiles and then leave them to fend for themselves. Your profiles need care and attention, and very importantly, there needs to be a system in place by which you are measuring the progress and success of your efforts.

Are you the employee in control of the social media presence for your business? Or are you the person who has left someone else in charge of your social media marketing?

Consider this for a moment

If you or your colleague have been spending half an hour on your brand’s Facebook Business page each day, what success have you seen from such a commitment? …. Hang on, half an hour on Facebook alone each day isn’t that much, is it?

Let’s break it down

52 weeks in a year; let’s say you take 4 weeks holiday (20 working days) and have 5 off-sick days throughout the year.

That leaves you with 235 working days.

If you are spending half an hour on Facebook alone each day – you are spending 118 hours a year on your business’ Facebook account. That’s pretty much 5 WHOLE DAYS on Facebook each year.

Can you measure the success over the year of the Facebook Business page and justify how much time you have spent on the account? Bearing in mind that this is just Facebook – what about your brand’s Twitter profile or LinkedIn page that also need daily check-ups? Not to mention if you have a YouTube account, an Instagram profile or Pinterest set-up. Have you been measuring your success? Are you even aware of how to do this?

SocialB have worked with a wide range of brands in 2013 who have seen a range of successes – just two examples are 1450% increased engagement on Twitter and another client has seen a 110% increase in website visitors in just a 3-month period – what could your business achieve if you dedicate the time to learning about and setting up the solid foundations for a successful social media campaign?

Some tips to get you on the road to social media success in 2014

1) Have a social media strategy, know how to implement it and consequently measure it. It’s all very well setting up your social media profiles, but you need to be optimising them and utilising your connections to build a reputable brand and online presence.

2) You need to be engaging – no one wants to be constantly reading automated updates or the same content on all of your profiles; communicate with your audience, create and engage in conversations and make sure you are staying up-to-date across all of your profiles. You need to be on your profiles each day, checking / updating / engaging.

3) Probably one of the most significant elements is the measurement of what you have achieved against what you set out to achieve. Turn yourself in to a case study; plan your social media strategy, come up with objectives (these may be an increase in sales or more traffic to your website, they’re your goals so you set them but they should be in line with your overall business objectives) and then record and compare your results each week/month.

Focusing on these pointers will help move you to social media success in a time effective way  – know your objectives and strive for them. If you reach them, keep going. Social media marketing is not an easy task but once you have a solid strategy in place, you can continually analyse and  re-assess your approach.

Make those 118 hours on Facebook count.

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