How Often Should Businesses Tweet?

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flowers-desk-office-vintageWhen it comes to Twitter knowing how and when to post is not as simple as it looking at how often everyone else is doing it. As with any marketing, and in particular, social media marketing, this figure is very dependent on your brand and industry.

As a brand, first and foremost you need to bear in mind that you need to be present enough that your customers don’t forget about you, but not so overbearing that they get bored of you and unfollow. This can be a tricky balance to reach, particularly on Twitter. With Facebook, for example, the platform’s complex algorithm will make it starkly obvious if your end user is getting bored of your posts, as your reach will fall drastically as Facebook will boot you out of the News Feed.

With Twitter, it can be more difficult to decipher. As a platform, it moves much more quickly than others, so your Tweet can soon be way down in the public stream. So, in order to decide how often you should be posting, here are a few pointers:

Find out your followers’ most active hours

It is a good idea to identify your peak traffic times. By this we mean, the times of day when your followers are most active. You can find this out through tools like Followerwonk, and also through Google analytics you can see the best days of the week to be posting, by looking at how many people click through to your website from Twitter each day.

However, this can also simply be a case of thinking like your end user. What age is your demographic? Are they teenagers, therefore likely to be up late at night and sleeping until mid-morning?

Check your analytics

Your analytics contain a wealth of historical information at the tip of your fingertips – don’t overlook this! Looking back at the same period last year, 2 years ago, 2 months ago, can be a great way of determining when is a good time to post. Check out your data to find out what tweets gained good interaction and engagement, and take a look at what time they were posted, make a note of these popular tweets.

Test & monitor your engagement

Testing is one of the most important things you can do in digital marketing. If you are tweeting once to twice per day and getting good engagement, why not see if you still get good engagement by tweeting two to three times per day? If you are tweeting three times a day and getting average to poor engagement, why not try reducing it and posting just once at the best time of day, as mentioned above.

Check your content

Social media cannot simply be a numbers game. There is no value in saying ‘post three times a day’ if you do not have enough content to fulfil this. Posting for the sake of posting, to fill a quota, will add little or no value to your end user, and will cause them to switch off.

How often do you post for your business, and how did you decide this? Let us know in the comments section, or join us on Twitter.

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