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Pinterest is firmly establishing itself in the social media world and as it grows so do the businesses flocking to it. In a recent report by Bizrate Insights, cited at emarketer, 32% of North American buyers made a purchase as a result of seeing an image on a social media sharing site such as Pinterest. 26% of those were able to click straight through to the retailer from the image to make the purchase. With consumer behaviours leading to clickthroughs and conversions, here are some tips for using Pinterest to increase your conversion rate.

Showcase your products

Using a Pinterest account to showcase all the different products you have in store, as well as interspersing this with inspirational boards, can have a big effect on your branding. Fashion retailer Urban Outfitters does this well by showcasing its own products throughout multiple boards that represent Urban Outfitters’ ‘cool’ aesthetic.

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Be seasonal

As holidays approach you’ll often see retail sites changing to fit the theme. Shoppers love to get inspirational ideas for unique products. By using Pinterest to create seasonal boards, like John Lewis, buyers will more likely pin these posts which can lead to a clickthrough sale. Remember to pick the most attractive photos for your board cover photo to gain maximum interest.

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Show them how it’s done

One of the most popular subjects on Pinterest are ‘how to’s’. This can range from hair and beauty tips and tricks, fashion trends, DIY and, most popular of all, food recipes. Don’t just share the content you create but share what others create and share with you too. As always, engagement is key with any social media site! International chocolate brand, Hershey’s, are a great example. They share a lot of images that lead to various recipes most of which use their brand of chocolate, or just chocolate in general. Even if the recipes don’t use Hershey’s chocolate, lovers of sweet food will more than likely be attracted to the content that Hershey’s are sharing.

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Optimize your website for Pinterest

Consumers are not only using Pinterest to purchase. A lot of boards of Pinterest are ‘wish lists’. A way to get your product on these wish lists for a potential sale is to add a ‘Pin it’ button to your website and different products, much like you’d do with Facebook and Twitter ‘share’ buttons.

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Customers will then be able to pin straight from you web pages. This will hopefully lead to their return to board and thus your website to make the final purchase. You can also add a ‘follow’ button so customers can find you easily on Pinterest and follow you if they are engaged with the content you are posting.

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Remember the golden rules for optimization!

When setting up your Pinterest brand page, remember to follow through on the tactics used on your other social media sites.

  • Display a clear and profile image – logos work best.
  • Relevant user name – Keep it simple and to the point and, if possible, always use the name of your company. The username will appear in the URL of your Pinterest profile so make sure it’s easy to locate when someone performs a direct search.
  • Add keywords – As always, make sure your ‘about’ section has neatly inserted keywords spread evenly throughout. Keyword optimisation will help you to get in the top results of a search engine search, something you definitely want!

Pinterest is a great community, but being a community means users will be turned off if they see you just repinning you own products. Share and comment on other users content and often they will reciprocate and explore your boards.

Are you using Pinterest for your business? If so, how is this working for you? Are there any helpful tips you’d like to share with us? If so, tweet us at @SocialBUK, we’d love to hear from you.

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