How social media is changing Healthcare marketing

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Social media marketing is having a huge impact on how businesses market their products and services and it is hugely impacting the healthcare industry.

In a generation that is more likely to go online to answer general health questions then ask a doctor, what role does social media play?

Since so many people are going online to search and engage in conversations about health and the health industry (reading reviews, searching for information, asking for references, etc) the healthcare industry is starting to see the tremendous potential for marketing.

Starting to use social media can be an intimidating process though for an industry that must always be aware of industry regulations and its patient privacy regulations. Many healthcare organisations however are taking the plunge and realising that with proper training and planning they can have a successful social media presence and take advantage of networks like Twitter and Facebook that can provide them with tremendous opportunities to connect with their audience.

4 ways social media is changing healthcare marketing:

Be interactive

With so many conversations going on in social media channels regarding health conditions, doctors, clinics, etc, healthcare organisations are starting to listen and enter these conversations by directly commenting and replying to them. So marketing is changing from being a “one-way” street advertising to being real time conversations between a healthcare provider and a potential client, which is huge for brand awareness and reaching a wider audience.

Provide excellent customer service

Having a great customer service is a sensitive and very important part of the experience of a patient with a healthcare company. Having a presence on social media is providing healthcare companies with more of a great way to deliver that great customer service, by quickly responding to questions, providing feedback and information, etc., improving their brand reputation.

Position yourself as experts

Every healthcare organisation has a specific niche and expertise and social media can be a successful way to show that expertise and grow their brand reputation and awareness. By providing great content based on their audience’s needs it is attracting and creating loyal followers and potential clients.

There are many types of content that a healthcare organisation can provide; for example a cosmetic surgery company can provide informative videos and blog posts about specific procedures, industry trends, stories, testimonials, photos, contests, etc.

Connect with the industry

Another way that social media is changing healthcare marketing is by providing healthcare organisations with a new way to stay “on top” of the industry. On social media healthcare brands can search and engage with industry influencers, journalists, doctors, magazines, etc. Marketing is all about communicating with the right people and social media is an easy way for healthcare companies to do just that and identify trends that can drive future marketing strategies.


Social media is a key opportunity for healthcare organisations to reach their targeted audience, provide them with content that gives them value, engage them and gain new followers and potential clients and advocates, along with an increase in brand awareness and reputation.

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