How Social Media Will Evolve In The Future

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We recently wrote about what happened in social media in 2017 and discussed how fast social media moves, almost on a daily basis, but knowing how social media evolve in the future is a much harder question to answer.

A mere 15 years ago social media was in its infancy, today our children are literally growing up on Facebook and Twitter whilst using Snapchat and Instagram as a means to communicate to their peers as the norm. We take a look at the bigger picture with some elements and technology that we think will impact social media over the next few years….

The Future Of Video

360-degree video is now embraced by consumers and brands everywhere and is also much more affordable than it was originally. It gives the viewer an immersive experience with which to interactive, but is it here to stay or will virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) be the next steps? Just as 360-degree cameras have become more affordable, VR tools are improving all the time, which will make it easier to produce high quality engaging video content in the future.

Undoubtedly, video content on social media channels is here to stay, it’s easier for users to consume and interactive especially on mobile devices. To use an old adage if a picture says a thousand words, how many words would a VR video ad be worth when the viewer themselves features in the advert!

Influencer Marketing

Within any social media network, we are constantly bombarded with ads on everything, but influencer marketing takes a slightly different route and develops relationships with us, the audience first. Influencer Marketers develop relationships with their audiences, which makes us feel somehow more comfortable with what they are selling, almost a personal recommendation about a product or service.

It’s this type of relationship where we will see more social media influencers become involved with brands to effectively market their products through the influencer’s audience on social media. Although this type of marketing is nothing new, for example, actresses and models have been used as the many different faces of Chanel since the original No. 5 perfume was created in 1921.

Social Media Advertising

Get your social media budget at the ready, as the likes of Facebook will continue to lessen the organic reach of posts for businesses in a bid to get you to reach your audience via paid posts. Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram will all become more businesslike in the future when it comes to paid adverts to get your message across. Although as audiences are given more power over what content they see in the future, paying to access those potential customers could be a way to hit your targets.

Artificial Intelligence

As AI develops, this technology will doubtless have a big effect on how social media responds to the needs of users. Becoming more personalised and with advanced algorithms, AI could allow companies to address concerns of customers almost instantaneously. Imagine no more scheduling posts for the best time of day or using hashtags in tweets, as everything would be defined through machine learning or AI, specific to the individuals you are trying to reach.

Technology will ultimately drive social media in the future, Google glasses may not have succeeded but if we can accept driverless cars, there is no telling what devices we could be using in ten years time or how social media is delivered and consumed.

Where and how social media will evolve in the future is up for grabs but what are your predictions of how we’ll be using social media for business or in our free time over the next 15 years?

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