How sports can take advantage of ‘buy now’ button on Twitter

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Anyone working in the sports industry knows that this is a very passionate sector. It is through these passions that sports brands can and have continued to connected with their audience.

How sports can take advantage of ‘buy now’ button on Twitter

Special moments like after an amazing goal during a football match or a fantastic match point at Wimbledon creates a brief period of time full of powerful emotions for fans. They are in a different state of mind, totally captivated and wanting for that moment to be prolonged.

That’s why the new Twitter button that the social media platform started rolling out recently can be of great value for sports brands to capitalise on those brief moments of time.

The ‘buy now’ button, soon be universally available basically allows Twitter users to find and buy items directly through their timelines and as sports brand allows them to target people talking about a specific sports event.

So, how can brands take commercial advantage of this? Brands have the possibility to sell products during that brief “window of opportunity”, for example targeting people during a football game or buying the clubs that Rory Mcllroy used to win this years Open.

Fundamentally brands now have the added advantage of further commercialising on great sports moments with very clear call to action.

The added advantage to users is they can buy the product securely with no need of credit cards since Twitter will safely save their information.

A study named The Social Media Scoreboard, conducted by Navigate Research and Wasserman Media Group shows us that fans are 164% more likely to be influenced to buy from a sponsor brand if recalled from social media.

Proof will be in the pudding on launch of this new Twitter facility but with the stats we’ve shared above with clever targeting, really knowing the audience and clear call to action it’s a great opportunity for the sports sector to take advantage of.

Click here to watch how you can use this new Twitter button to your advantage.

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