How The London 2012 Olympics Became The Socialympics

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Socialympics – the latest social media trend

The Olympics first came to London in 1908, the first mobile phone was demonstrated in 1973 – who would have thought that London 2012 would have been named the ‘first social games’ and nicknamed ‘socialympics’?

Well, the London 2012 Olympics has certainly won gold as far as social media activity is concerned and will go down in history for being the very first socialympics.

Socialympics – infographics

The best infographics on the Olympics we found were from Mashable: The social media winners, Jeff Bullas: Staggering social media statistics and London Loves Business: The social impact of London 2012

Here are just some of the Olympics social media stats from the infographics that really caught our eye during the 17-day event:

  • 306 billion pieces of content were shared on the open web
  • Facebook handled 102 billion shares including photos, timeline updates, and videos
  • Twitter handled 5 billion tweets
  • YouTube had 4 billion views per day, compared to only 133 million views a day in 2008.

What do you think about the impact of social media on the Olympics this year? Do you think the Paralympics will be just as social? We hope so, it certainly deserves to be.


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