How To Be The Batman Of Facebook Adverts

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I’ve heard many good things about BrightonSEO and this year I had the opportunity to attend. What I didn’t expect was to listen to the mysterious sensei who would teach me the mystical secrets of Facebook during his talk, that mysterious sensei was no one other than Greg Gifford.

Facebook ads weren’t always as popular as they are now, there used to be a time when most people found them quite annoying. How Facebook adverts work has changed a great deal and it’s for the better. It can be a cost-effective way to reach your audience because you’re able to be very exact with your targeting. You can be so precise and extremely picky that it almost reaches a point of being creepy (depending on how far you take it!). People are spending more time on Facebook and Instagram than they are the other social networks combined, which gives you the opportunity to reach your audience with ease, assuming you know who you’re targeting.

Facebook Ad Types

Creating a successful Facebook advert needs more than just precise targeting, you need to have a goal. By setting a measurable number, you can set a realistic and achievable goal. With the different ad types, you are able to pick something that suits your business and the goal(s) you and your team have set.

Clicks To Website

This ad type will drive users to a landing page and it doesn’t have to be linked to a Facebook page either.

Page Likes

Good if you want to grow page engagement

App Installs

This will send users who sees your ad directly to the appropriate app store

App Engagement

Drive usage metrics by re-engaging current app owners

Website Conversions

This is great for lead gen and e-commerce, it does require a tracking pixel and the add must be tied to a Facebook page

Video Views

Supports .mov, .mo4, or .avi files at16:9 ratio

Local Awareness

Target local audience by showing adverts to people who are near your business’ neighbourhood. These ads only show on mobile devices within a set radius of a location, you’re even able to run them at competitors’ locations, local events or sports events.

Facebook Image Text Check - image text ratingsImages & Character Limit

With great images, comes great responsibility and yes, size matters. The image size for Facebook ads: 600×314 or 1200×628 pixels. It’s important to keep in mind that your images can’t have more than 20% text, you can test the amount you have on Facebook. Your ad may still run if you have more than 20% but the reach will be lowered.

Another important thing to note is that Facebook ads have character limits, your headline is 25 character and the body is 90. When sorting all of this out make sure you ALWAYS track links with UTM parameters and conversions need to be tracked with pixels!

Ad Scheduling

Never run your ads forever, use the ad scheduling tool to your advantage. If you are running call only mobile ads, there’s little point to run them in the middle of the night when your business is closed, which is why you should use the ad scheduling tool in your favour.

Facebook Power Editor

Power Editor is your new best friend, why? Because you can use more precise targeting, bulk edit and have the option of even more in-depth demographic targeting. You might be wondering how much more in-depth can the targeting get? Well, you can target things like life events from anniversaries, new relationships and even new jobs. This can even be done to the friends of people who have updated their status with a life event. So let’s say your friend is getting married, certain ads regarding wedding gifts might reach you!

Other types of targeting include parents with children of certain ages and political beliefs. You can even take it a step further by uploading your email list, Facebook will then match the logins and you get a list of people to target. The icing on the cake? Unlike email targeting, they can’t unsubscribe and it removes the issue email marketing has is which is you can’t send too many emails to your audience without receiving unsubscribes. On top of that, you can stack your demographic on there as well. Even the people who don’t open your emails will now be receiving your ads. However, targeting the same audience over and over will lead to ad fatigue. Create look-alike audiences to reach new qualified users.

Even if you’re on a tight budget, you’re still able to use Facebook ads, you just have to be extremely precise when targeting. Depending if you need PR, links, sales you can work your way around it. How? For PR you can target journalists, radio, employees of local TV. For links, make sure you have a great post ready and promote it to influencers, journalists or writers to get links. And finally, sales, run ads which target the customers of your competitors, if your ad is appealing enough they’ll come and buy from you.

You are now hopefully ready to become the Batman of Facebook Adverts. Got any tips about Facebook Ads to share? Leave them in the comment section below.

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