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These days it is very common to have a blog, whether it is about a hobby, job, or anything else that interests the blogger. Whatever your reason is you might be wondering how to blog good blog posts. Well, there is a simple and easy to follow method on how to blog and writing excellent blog posts.

1. Plan and Research

People like blogs, because they interact with real people. People want to know what people think, it may sound mad but they want to know what you think. Tell them exactly what you think using the least amount of words possible. Think about what people are searching for? (read our SEO for beginners blog post for more info) What interests them? What would they like to read? Once you have worked this out put together a format:-

  • Catchy Headline
  • Question(s) and Bullet Point Lists
  • Content and any explanations
  • Summary
  • Call for action

2. Use Catchy Headlines

People are drawn by headlines, make it catchy or else the blog would fail.  This can make the difference in a reader staying and leaving your site. This could include:-

  • Questions which will make the reader feel like your speaking to them directly
  • Bullet points which we all love, it structures the information in an easier format
  • Statistics is a good way as numbers seem to gain the attention of readers and quickly

3. Time, Length and Style

  • Make every minute count, give the maximum amount of information with the least amount of words. Time is precious and we are all busy.
  • A long blog post is easier to forget and harder to get into whereas short post is the opposite.
  • Once you have realised a certain style works for you, your audience and have a better idea on how to blog, stick to it because people like to know what to expect. Also, think about keywords people may use to search for your blog post and include them in the body text and header(s). Make sure the keyword placement is natural and does not seem obvious!
  • Support your blog with links to other web pages that are relevant to your blog.

4. Series Approach

Let’s say you wanted to write a blog for Simple Steps to Getting Your Business on Facebook. Instead of packing all the steps into one blog post, create a series by breaking each topic down and creating a single post for each topic thinking about best use of headings:-

  • Monday: How to Set Up Facebook Account to Attract More Business
  • Tuesday: Things to Avoid When Deciding Your Facebook Name
  • Wednesday: Using Your Facebook Profile Picture to Attract Right Targets
  • Thursday: Upload The Best Links to Facebook to Drive Success
  • Friday: How Writing Interesting Information Can Make You Money

Creating an excellent blog post may be difficult for you at first, but if you focus on providing value, not diluted information you will do well. Plan ahead by creating a blog calender or social media strategy get the catchiest headlines and your readers will be thankful every time.  Simply put, your readers want detailed solutions to problems.

I hope you enjoyed these tips on how to blog and will use them for your future blog posts, feel free to share any comments with us.

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