How to create and manage your own Twitter chat

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One of the main reasons businesses are on Twitter, and social media in general, is to attract their target audience and potential customers.

Twitter is a powerful network to attract and connect with your audience, influencers, current and potential customers. A Twitter chat provides you with the opportunity to meet and interact with all these people at once.

They are a great way to establish authority and promote yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

What exactly is a Twitter chat?

A Twitter chat is a conversation on Twitter in real time, using a hashtag. It usually has a fixed day and time (although this can vary) and all participants ‘meet up’ there to have a discussion around a particular subject.

You type the chat’s hashtag into the search bar and Twitter will frequently update so you can see each new comment with the hashtag on it. And of course, you include the hashtag on everything you contribute.

How can you create your own Twitter chat?

It’s a good idea to participate in your industry’s top chats, but it might also be a good idea to create your own, so you attract your target audience.

In order to create a successful Twitter chat, first you need to consider these points:

  • You already have a certain number of followers that interact with you
  • You also use Twitter for customer service
  • Use a hashtag that’s not yet in use
  • Decide on the best day and time to have the chat, based on your audience behaviour patterns

Then it’s time to advertise your chat on Twitter and on your website and other social media platforms as well, inviting your followers to join you.

A good idea is also to invite some industry influencers, like a well-known author of a book related to the theme. That will spike the interest of your audience.

How to manage a Twitter chat

One of the best ways to keep your chat interesting and motivate people to join is to have a dedicated theme to each chat, which the moderator reveals some days in advance.

For example, if you have an interior design business and know that currently people are talking about next Summer’s colour trends, you might want to have your next chat around that theme and keep people motivated to attend.

On the day and time of the chat, the moderator welcomes everyone and starts with a question to move the conversation along and keep things relevant.

Usually a Twitter chat lasts about one hour, and during that time you should participate as well, responding to questions and asking new ones.

It’s not always easy to follow the feed. If you want to engage with the largest amount of people possible, use a tool like Hootsuite so you don’t miss a trick.

Get your chat listed. It’s a good idea to register your group Twitter chat in the public Twitter Chat Schedule if it’s going to be a regular occurrence, it’s free to do so and only takes a few seconds to set up.

Take advantage of the momentum

Don’t just end your chat saying goodbye and see you next week. Take advantage of the momentum in order to attract your audience further.

You can, for example, share the link to a blog post you previously wrote about the theme, where people can find out more about it.

If that post is answering someone’s questions or adding more into the conversation, don’t be afraid to share it.

Over to you

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