How To Create E-commerce Product Pages That Convert? – Part 1

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In today’s world, where thousands of people are shopping online every day, a well-designed e-commerce product page can not only help you stand out from your competition but it can also help you attract and convert more customers on your website. This will, in turn, help you to improve your website conversion rates and profitability.

So what are some of the key factors that can help you make a great first impression and convert more customers on your product pages?

Product Descriptions

Clear and complete product descriptions play a huge role in influencing buyer decision. Make sure you give the buyer all information that he or she might be looking for. However, the way you display this information is equally important. Lengthy and verbose product descriptions might create unnecessary distractions and will not help you convert customers. Instead, look at creative ways in which you can display all relevant product information.

Product descriptions are critical from an SEO perspective. The use of relevant keywords can help you rank better for related searches in search engines. Avoid duplicating descriptions across a similar product or product variations.

Each product on your e-commerce website must have a unique and compelling description to help you rank higher in search engines and attract and convert more customers.

Here is an example of an e-commerce website, displaying product information in a creative and user-intuitive manner with tabbed navigation.

Another option is to have the key text displayed with the remaining description displayed under a “read more” link.

ecommerce product descriptions


Product URLs

This is often a neglected aspect of e-commerce websites however, it is the most critical when it comes to buyer search queries. We can see this from the following example.

ecommerce product urls

If we look at the above examples, we can see the difference in the product URLs. The second link clearly defines the product path in the URL and the searcher can see that he or she will be taken to the relevant landing page directly.

A well-defined product URL stands out clearly in search results and is, hence, important from an SEO perspective. But, it also gives the searcher a clear indication of what the product page is all about and hence, also helps to influence the searcher’s decision to click on your product page link in the search results.

Make sure your product page URLs are easy to read for the human eye. Avoid keyword stuffing.

A simple way to create product page URLs could be to use the following URL structure


Photos and Videos

High-quality images and videos are a key feature for any product page. They play a key role in helping buyers choose a product. Covering images for all product angles and displaying product details clearly in high-quality images can help buyers convert more easily on your website.

For examples, photos of products like laptops or mobile phones, covering the product from multiple angles can give a better understanding of product dimensions and external features. Similarly, having the same sunglasses showcased on models with different face structures can give the buyer a better understanding of how the sunglasses will look on the buyer’s face structure.

Try to keep image sizes standard with an option to zoom over the image if required. In addition to high-quality images, 360-degree product views and videos all help in pushing the buyer to add that product to the cart and eventually convert.

ecommerce photos


Compelling Call-To-Action Button

The success of your product page depends on how many people eventually add your products to their shopping cart and complete their sales process. The “Add To Cart” button needs to stand out from all other elements on your page.

Make sure your call-to-action button is clear, concise and easy to find else you might lose out on potential customers.

ecommerce call to action


User Reviews

If you have good user reviews, by all means, display this on your product pages, as 92% of consumers now read online reviews (Source)

User reviews can help buyers see other people’s experiences with your products.

In this example, GHD summarises their user review rating with an option for people to read detailed reviews if they want to.

ecommerce reviews

Live Chat

Buyers are looking for real-time help when they are shopping online.

“47% of shoppers are more likely to make a purchase if they could talk live to an online assistant.” Source

The infographic in the above source shows some interesting stats about Live Chat. Not having this feature on your Ecommerce website is not an option anymore.


  • Product URLs and Titles need to be SEO friendly as well as in plain English for buyers to understand.
  • Creative and User Intuitive Product Descriptions help display all relevant product information so that the buyer can make an informed decision.
  • A clear, concise and easy to find call-to-action button helps in getting buyers to convert.
  • High-Quality images, 360 product videos and photos all help in influencing the buyer to convert.
  • User reviews help buyers understand other shoppers’ experiences with your products.
  • Live Chat helps to resolve real-time queries and quicken the conversion process.

All of the above elements can work together to entice the shopper in adding your product to the shopping cart and converting on your Ecommerce website.

Stay tuned for more useful tips on this topic in our upcoming blog posts.

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