Tips To Evaluate ROI For Your SEO Campaigns

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Organic traffic is the most valuable for any business in terms of conversions as these are the people who are actively searching for your product or service and are more likely to convert on your website.

Search engine optimisation activities to increase organic traffic to your website take up a lot of time, money and hard work. Like all other marketing activities, it is very critical to understand and evaluate ROI for your SEO campaigns.

Here are some of the key factors you should consider.

Keyword Rankings

This is the most obvious bit. Once you have done your keyword research and finalised the keywords that you would like to track and rank for, you need to see how these keywords are performing.

Rankings & Traffic ExampleRank tracking tools can help you to analyse your keyword rankings over time. If you are not seeing an improvement in your rankings (even if it is by just 1 position) after a few months of SEO efforts, then you need to relook at your keywords and make sure they are relevant to your business. Irrelevant keywords are not going help you in any way.


Any increase in organic traffic is good for your business and means that your site is showing up in search results for relevant keywords. However, it is also crucial to analyse how much of this traffic comes from people searching for your brand name versus those searching for generic keywords related to your business. The rise of traffic through non-branded keywords is another way to evaluate whether your SEO efforts are going in the right direction.

When it comes to quality of the traffic, you can measure this by looking at the bounce rate, number of pages visited per session and average time spent on a page.

Audience Overview Google AnalyticsIf the organic traffic to your website is increasing but your bounce rate is also very high and people are not spending too much time or not traversing through your website pages then you need to look at possible causes and solutions for this.

Conversion Rate

Conversions are important. Without conversions, all the good traffic and ranking is of no use. Good rankings and good traffic with low conversion rates indicate that people are finding it difficult to do what you expect them to do on your website. It may be that the navigation is confusing or the call to action is not clear or the landing page message is confusing. Whatever may be the case, it needs to be fixed if you want traffic to convert to sales.


All the improved rankings and traffic in the world are insignificant if your efforts fail to generate the desired revenue. The ROI of your SEO efforts ultimately will depend on the monetary value of your conversions. Hence, your targeting needs to hit the bull’s eye. You need to reach out to the right kind of audience who are willing to engage with your website and buy from you. Quality and quantity of traffic and rankings need to go hand-in-hand.

How are you evaluating the ROI for your SEO campaigns? Are you doing anything different? We would love to hear your feedback in our comments section below or on our Twitter page.

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