How To Improve Your Instagram Followers

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Instagram is a fun way to create a photo reel of your business. Improving Instagram followers offers your customers a different platform on which to engage with your business and can also play a part in increasing traffic to other social media platforms.

Instagram is a free app that allows users to upload images from their smartphones and apply different filters to turn mediocre mobile snaps into professional looking shots. Instagram have made it easy for users to share these images across multiple platforms simultaneously such as Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr. To date, it has attracted over 100 million users.

As part of a comprehensive social media campaign for business, Instagram followers should not be overlooked. Here SocialB offers some helpful hints to increase Instagram followers.

Five helpful hints to increase Instagram followers:

Become part of the Instagram community

It has been proven that liking and, more importantly, commenting on other peoples images can vastly improve your Instagram followers – this may seem tedious but remember – social media is just a big conversation and you never know who you might come across.

Use popular hashtags

Just as on Twitter, hashtags can direct people to your Instagram account. Popular hashtags such as these will hopefully encourage more Instagram followers. The most popular hashtag? #Love

Use popular filters

A great way to attract Instagram followers is simple – take beautiful photographs. Well-composed images, of interesting and eye-catching things are attractive. Once taken, apply popular filters that are used by the masses. Here is a list of the ten most popular filters.

Post at keys times on key days of the week

Some basic research can alert users to the most active time of the day on Instagram. Making sure you post updates during this window will give your images more exposure and result in more Instagram followers.

Multiple shot posts

Content is key here. By using technology such as Diptic, you can cut multiple images into one Instagram image and create a shot that has more interest and attracts more Instagram followers.

Remember once you have built a reasonable Instagram profile, share your images across the social media platforms you currently use. Also, keep a note of what works for you. Which subjects attract the most followers? Which filters prove more popular? Keep working at it and your Instagram followers will grow in no time!

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