How To Improve Your AdWords Quality Score

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Paid Search (PPC)

When it comes to PPC, Google Adwords has a built-in safety net in the form of a quality score. So whether you advertise in Google’s Search Network or through the Google Display Network, quality score is hugely important when it comes to pay-per-click advertising.

Google want to ensure that their delivery of search results is always relevant for both natural and paid search. This is where quality score comes in, with a score of 1-10 reported for each keyword. Google’s definition of quality score is:-

“Quality Score is an estimate of the quality of your ads, keywords, and landing page. Higher quality ads can lead to lower prices and better ad positions.”

Simply put if you improve your quality score your landing pages will rank higher and cost you less. So if you’ve got a low-quality score here’s a few tips on what you can do to increase your quality score in Google Adwords.

Relevant Landing Pages

Take a look at your landing pages, these should be all about the search query or keyword that led the user from your paid ad to the landing page. Optimising an existing web page to the search query is one route but creating specific landing pages with tailored content should be a priority. Your quality score will suffer if you are using low-quality landing pages which ‘nearly’ match the search query.

The other upside of optimised and relevant landing pages is that your conversion rate will also improve, after all, those visitors clicked on your ad for a purpose in the first place.

Targeted Ad Groups

By structuring your campaigns into smaller yet targeted ad groups, the relevancy between the search query and the ad grows. Avoid having just one or two ad groups with all your keywords, by having more specific ad groups you have a higher relevancy. It is well worth taking the time to group your keywords into themes, this will also help to keep keywords focused but remember to include negative keywords too.

Re-write and Optimise Ad Text

If you got some ads with a low click through rate, try improving the ad text by rewording it but make sure you are including keywords. Again, this will increase relevancy, help to improve your quality score and gain better click through rates.

Website Speed

A quick check on Google Search Console will tell you whether you have a slow load time. This will affect natural search results as well as having a negative effect on your quality score.

Quality score is updated in real time for every auction so you’ll soon see whether your changes and tweaks make a difference. As a Google Partner, if you want further advice on how to set up or improve your Google Adwords account then contact our friendly experts who can point you in the right direction.

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