How To Increase Brand Awareness Using Instagram

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Using video and images to communicate and capture your audience’s attention is a major tactic in social media marketing nowadays. Networks like Instagram give you a major opportunity to do just that.

Since its beginning back in 2010, Instagram has become one of the fastest growing mobile applications to date. The benefits for companies using Instagram as a marketing tool are beyond valuable.

Instagram however, is not a place to just post pictures and videos showing your products, it is in fact a place to post pictures and videos that create an emotion to inspire or entertain.

So here are 7 tips to create more brand awareness on Instagram (and more targeted followers too):

  • Create videos and pictures based on emotions

Understanding what your audience wants to feel when using your products or services is a must in order to create engaging pictures and videos based on that.

Don’t just show pictures and videos of the cupcakes or the trainers you sell, show pictures of the lifestyle behind the product and how your audience usually uses your product, so they can feel a positive emotion and also relate to your product.

  • Use hashtags

A great way to create brand awareness with your pictures and videos is by using related keywords in their description using the hashtag.

There are some tools that help you find the most popular and used hashtags related to your product or service so you can use them in order to reach your audience. On Instagram, you can add between 3-7 hashtags on each picture or video, but make sure you don’t go over that.

  • Take high-quality photos

The quality of Instagram photos are amazing nowadays with even many professional photographers using this network to showcase their work.

This doesn’t mean having to hire a professional to take your Instagram photos, but make sure they’re of great quality and are taken by someone that understands the basics of photography. There are also many great photo editing apps that you can use to enhance your photos.

  • Plan your posts

As with any other social media network, it’s also important that you plan the frequency of your posts on Instagram, or your ‘feed speed’.

Try to understand the frequency your audience prefers and the peak times to post. This is important to assess since you should post when your followers are most active. This might even mean posting less during daytime and more at night or during weekends.

  • Connect your networks

Integrating Instagram in your other social media networks like Facebook and Pinterest is a great way to create awareness to your Instagram profile and also attract a wider audience.

You can create a specific Instagram tab on Facebook, embed photos and videos from Instagram in your blog or create an Instagram board on Pinterest.

  • Engage with your audience

On Instagram make sure you follow who follows you and also make sure you interact with your followers too.

Not only responding to their comments and questions using the @mention feature, but also check their pictures, click ‘Like’ and comment on them. Social media is all about being social and Instagram is no different.

  • Show your staff and office

Instagram is a great place to share pictures and videos of your staff, office and company events.

Your followers want to feel as if they are gaining an insider’s look at your business so the pictures should show how your workers truly enjoy being part of your team. And why not use some of their pictures?

Are you using Instagram as part of your social media strategy? Let us know about it in the comment section below.

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