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It’s crucial for a brand that invests in social media to have a presence on twitter, and to also have a large number of followers on twitter. It is not just for the purpose of establishing a growing follower base, but to also help manage potential customers that are targeted and really interested in your products or services.

The question many brands ask is “how can I increase my twitter followers for free without having to spend any money on advertising?”  So, what actions can you take in order to attract more people interested in following you?

Here at SocialB, we’d like to give you our top five tips to help you increase your twitter followers:

1.  Target and engage with Power Tweeters

Search and identify widely known figures within your industry and start following them on twitter. The next step will be to grab the attention of your followers and develop a relationship with them, read through your targeted tweets, asking them questions or responding to theirs. By grabbing the attention of your followers and starting conversations with them, you can establish yourself as an authority within your field, which can dramatically affect how many people become more aware of your profile and start following you.


2. Participate in Twitter Chats

There are hundreds of twitter chats taking place within this social network. You just need to identify the ones related to your industry that have a great reputation. Social Media is all about being social and participating in conversations, so twitter chats are a golden opportunity to connect, influence and win new followers, enhancing your brand reputation as well. Make sure you deliver value in your questions and answers, don’t be afraid to respond to people directly. If you become known in these chats and win a good reputation, people are more likely to start following you. With that in mind, why not starting your own twitter chat with your own hashtag? We’ll talk more about the benefits of a  hashtag a little later in this blog.

3. Tweet during Peak Times

You need to check what times are the best for you to tweet; this may be when your audience is online. Studies show top twitter activity usually takes place between 10am and 4pm; the most active hour for people to engage is between 1 and 2pm, weekdays. Tweeting during these times can mean greater visibility for you, and of course, new twitter followers.

4. Provide valuable and engaging Tweets

In order to get more re-tweets and more followers, you need to provide real value on each of your tweets to help your content breaks through all the “noise”. Your tweets need to engage your audience and you may do so by using the following tips: using humour, solving a problem, sharing an interesting photo or article and/or asking a question.

Use your analytics to see what types of tweets that you have composed received the most re-tweets and replies; you may want to provide your audience with more of those types of tweets. The more re-tweets you get, the more you’ll be visible on people’s feeds. If you provide real value to your tweets, it will increase interest to tweeters that may want to follow you in order to get more of your content.

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5. Use the Hashtags

Twitter is all about hashtags. That is how people search and find content they’re interested in. You should be able to identify the keywords relevant to your industry and the hashtags around those keywords that are the most used. With these keywords, you can start adding the relevant hashtag to your tweets to help them become more discoverable. If you provide real value in your tweets (like described in the above tip), you’ll not only have new people finding you, but also following you for more updates or even a conversation.

Having followers is important on twitter, but be sure they’re the right audience for you. Having the right audience is important to engage with to help promote your tweets and spread your voice; they can become influencers on your behalf, which will also lead to new followers.

Are you already doing any of these tips or would like to add your own tip? Please share with us on the comment section below.

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