How To Increase Your Blog Traffic Via Pinterest

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iphone sunsetPinterest works well for blogs as a pin can be repinned hours, days, weeks, months or even years later, continuing to bring traffic to your blog. The longevity of pins makes Pinterest a great option when choosing the social media platforms to which to distribute your blog.

Of course, there is more than just adding a blog to Pinterest and sitting back to wait for the traffic to roll in. Here’s how you can maximise both your Pinterest account and blog to drive and increase your traffic.

Create A Firm Foundation

If you are new to Pinterest then it’s important to have a firm foundation and create boards appropriate to your business. One of these boards should be for your blogs, although once you are established it may be that you have several categories for your blogs and can further optimise boards by having different blog boards.

Pinterest business account

If you sign up for the Pinterest business account you get the added benefits of Pinterest analytics so you can measure how your pins are performing. Other advantages are Promoted Pins where you can pay to show your pins and Rich Pins, which allow you to add more details to your pins and make them even more useful, especially when sharing blogs.

The importance of keywords

Whether naming your Pinterest boards or writing descriptions for your blog content, think about keywords and what will lead users to your pins. As with any SEO write naturally and don’t overdo the keywords, inspiring pin descriptions will help you be found in Pinterest Smart Feed and search engines.

Photos, images & pictures

Whilst you want people to read your blog, don’t forget that Pinterest is all about being visual and eye-catching images will attract and entice users to click on your blog. You need to stand out from the crowd and capture users attention.

Cross pin blogs

Whilst you can cross pin your blogs to other Pinterest boards where the blog may be relevant be careful not to overdo this as it is can appear spammy when the links shows up in your followers feeds.

Engage with followers

As with any other social media, engaging with your followers is paramount. The more you engage and post relevant and engaging content the more followers you will attract and the more they will want to engage with you, your blog and your website. Make sure you pin regularly, follow your followers, repin, like and comment on their content where appropriate.

Add a pin it button to your blog

Take full advantage of your blog by adding a Pin It button to each post, so however users have found their way to your blog they can always pin it.

Unlike Facebook and Twitter which will give you a much more instant response to your blog writing efforts, Pinterest can offer a more evergreen approach. If you haven’t thought about using Pinterest to help increase your blog traffic then think again.

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