How To Make A Significant Contribution To LinkedIn Groups

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LinkedIn fbThere are many reasons and benefits for businesses to have a presence on LinkedIn.

This professional driven social network is a great place to create brand awareness, networking and attract the right audience and potential leads.

As well as having a company page, there are many other strategies that a business can have on Linkedin, and being active in groups is one of them.

There are hundreds of LinkedIn groups dedicated to various sectors and topics. Being on the right ones for your business should be an important part of your LinkedIn marketing strategy, as it is an easy and smart way to get close to your targeted audience.

But being part of those groups is not enough to take real advantage of their marketing potential. It’s the same as going to a networking event and not speaking to anyone. No one is going to know you and your business.

In order to take  real advantage of Linkedin groups is necessary that you actively participate and make a significant contribution in them, providing real value to your audience.

So how can you make a significant contribution to your LinkedIn groups?

Follow these 3 steps:

1. Post regular discussions

One of the advantages of participating in LinkedIn groups is the ability to create your own discussions.

If you regularly post relevant and interesting discussions that make other people comments and interact, you’ll build your reputation and start to create awareness to your profile, which then you can translate into your business.

Take some time and observe the contributions of the most active group members in order to understand their interests and objectives. What seems to be important to them?

You can search for the latest trends in your industry and create discussions around them, ask questions asking for help or advice on something, or you can even create discussions around blog posts you have already written and then add the links to them as the discussion progresses.

Also, study prior popular discussions to understand what topics have resonated with members.

Make sure you monitor your discussions and respond promptly to others.

If you’re truly engaging members of the group with the discussions you create, you’ll be recognised as a “Top Influencer”.

2. Participate in other’s discussions with valuable information

Within popular groups discussions are often posted daily. It’s important to take part in these discussions.

Don’t respond or comment just for the sake of it. Everything you say should be relevant and provide value to the discussion. That’s how you create a reputation and brand awareness.

You can regularly add links to your website or blog posts if they’re related and relevant to the discussion and especially if they complement it, providing more information.

For example, if you’re discussing the latest trend in your industry and you have a post in your blog about it, you can include it in your response because it will add value.

Even if you don’t add any links, make sure your comments are always showing your expertise and value.

And you can also respond to a specific person you wish to connect with (an influencer, journalist, potential customer).

3. Create your own group

If you can have the time to dedicate to it, you can always create your own LinkedIn group and invite your customers to join you. Make sure you have a well-defined and interesting theme or niche.

If you manage the group, you control all aspects of it, including sending weekly announcements to all members.

As the founder of the group it’s your job to lead discussions with the group and manage all participations.

Note: You don’t need to participate in hundreds of LinkedIn groups to be successful. Adding value to a small number of relevant groups in a consistent basis is all you need to build influence and new connections.

How do you make use of LinkedIn groups? Let us know in the comments or join us @SocialBuk

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