How To Make Full Use Of Twitter’s Updated 140 Character-Limit

SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 22 Sep 2016 by Shima Khanea
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Now that the latest Twitter changes to the social network’s 140-character limit are live, Twitter’s users have been encouraged to have a lot more conversations on the social media platform. This is the most notable change made by Twitter recently, especially around conversations. This gives their users the chance to express themselves more freely with the 140 characters provided.

More Context

A massive benefit of the Twitter update is the fact that user @names will not count towards your 140 characters. Instead, whenever you start a tweet in reply to another person, you will still have room to say everything you would like in your tweet, without having to worry about the length of their Twitter handle. Thanks to this, Twitter users will have much more space to add additional details and text than they could have before. Now you’re also able to add images, GIFs, videos and more to further add context to your tweet without the restrictions of the character limits.

Make Use Of Visuals

Having visual content to share on Twitter is an excellent way to stand out, with the latest changes you’re able to add that element in every tweet you post. Studies have proven that we respond and engage more with tweets that contain some sort of visual element, whether it’s a GIF, video or an image. Before many users would struggle to make it work and still convey the message they’re after in their tweet, in 140 characters. Not anymore! You can now fully utilise the character limit and still include the media of your choice. For those within Digital Marketing, this is a great opportunity to include nice visuals, videos, product demos and more. For customer service teams, it gives them the opportunity to share more content such as a screenshot to help their customers with their queries.

The Days Of “.@” Are Gone!tweet-example-.@

Tweets that began with usernames used to be visible only to the users who followed both the person tweeting and the person named. Because of this, many Twitter users began conversations or tweets that mentioned the other person with a ‘.’ before the @name. This was quite confusing to many users, both old and new but it has now been changed. Gone are the days of having to use “.” before @name!

Join Better Quality Conversations

Twitters most characteristic feature is that it’s about connecting with other people and engaging in conversations. With this update, their users are now able to have much better conversations as they’ll be able to add more context and better express their thoughts and opinions because they don’t have the characters counting against them. Now that usernames don’t count towards the character limit you have much more freedom to express yourself.

Quote Yourself

Everyone has at some point broken up a tweet into a couple to be able to fully share your thoughts, now you shouldn’t have to do that. By quoting your own tweets you are able to share longer thoughts and it’s easier for your followers to followers as it wouldn’t require them to scroll down the timeline or visit your profile to see the first part of your tweet to understand the full context. Suddenly, you have 280 characters you can use to your advantage. By sharing your first tweet, then quoting the initial tweet and writing the rest of your message in the additional 140 characters you’ve been provided in the second tweet. Super simple!

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