How To Make The Most Of Your Live Chat Strategy

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As a brand, one of the things you need to focus on is delivering the best in-store experience online to be able to remain competitive. Even though many turn to social media for their customer service queries, a large group of people prefer to visit your website to have an online chat as it’s becoming increasingly more effective and efficient that offers a real-time solution. It’s an online tool that has been underutilised which is why it’s essential that you execute your live chat strategy properly.


Wanting to create a live chat strategy is great but you need to understand how it’s going to fit into your overall business strategy. Evaluating your business’ needs is one of the first steps you must do. Some questions to ask:

  • Can it improve customer satisfaction?
  • Can it generate leads?
  • Can sales improve if the chat starts at a specific point on the website?

Once you have evaluated the impact live chat will have, whether it’s going to supplement or optimise your current efforts, an online strategy should be devised and the activity is scaled up.

Know What You’re Talking About

You shouldn’t launch live chat on your website until your agents fully understand your business, website, products/services and visitors needs. A lot of knowledge is required before starting if you don’t have the correct knowledge you’re not able to provide correct answers or be helpful. If you want to succeed, it’ll require a team effort and not just from the live chat agents, but also the managers in charge. Managers will need to understand the live chat strategy, how your visitors interact with your website, what promotions need pushing, the tone of voice and more.


Act Human

Most of us have experienced a very automated-feeling live chat, try not to fall into a trap of doing that as it doesn’t make you feel like a valued customer. Keep in mind, the person on the other side of the screen is a real person and a part of acting human is to maintain your brands’ tone of voice throughout the chat. Your strategy should include a section where your company gives directions to the customer support team to set what the expectations are.

Be Available & Accessible

Ensure the live chat button is accessible and visible on all your pages, this is a great tool and you want to make sure it’s seen by your visitors when they are in need of help. Your live chat will only operate during certain hours and it’s important that your live chat availability is in a prominent location, taking note of timezone differences comes in handy as well. Your peak hours can vary drastically from your customer’s peak usage. Spend time learning their live chat behaviour and determine when key pages experience more traffic and adjust your schedule accordingly.

By implementing live chat across your website, it gives you an opportunity to further connect with your customers in a way they are comfortable with it. By providing great customer service you can watch your customer satisfaction soar.

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