How To Make Use Of Old Blog Posts

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It’s vitally important to have a regularly updated business blog. They build credibility, provide informative posts to the end user and can quickly establish your brand as the go-to place for information and opinion on your subject matter. But what happens to those blog posts that you wrote 6 months or 6 years ago? Read on for our tips on how to gain extra value out of your old blog posts.

Reference The Old Post

In the ever-changing world of digital marketing, we have a wide range of topics that are constantly evolving. When you are writing about a topic you have covered before try and reference an old post in the copy. If something has improved or changed you can talk about the old post and provide a link back so readers can find out more about the change in the subject area. Not only will this provide useful information to your readers it will increase the number of internal links through your website which can improve your SEO and the number of page views.

Update The Old Content

In a similar fashion to the point above, your old blog posts will still be attracting visitors to your website. If the first page they land on is a blog post from 3 years ago you can capitalise on this by signposting them to a relevant area of your website. By adding an ‘update’ section at the beginning or end of the post, you can inform first-time visitors to the page that there is some updated or more relevant content on the subject elsewhere on your website that will be useful to the reader. From here you will need to ensure that there are relevant and clear call-to-actions on the page you are linking to maximise the effort of the previous step.

Gain Inspiration

It can often be difficult to create fresh and new blog post ideas and titles. Take a step back through your blog posts and critique your previous posts. What do you think of the titles? Is the content laid out well? Is it interesting? This will give you a chance to gain a clear picture of what you want to achieve and by looking at old content and blog titles, it should inspire you to create a list of new posts.

So don’t just leave your old blog posts in the archives. Explore them and use them to your full advantage. If you have any other great tips for reusing old blog posts please leave a comment below or join us over on Twitter.

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  1. Useful advice to update old posts. I’m always surprised how the numbers of views of my old posts keeps rising.

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