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SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 12 Oct 2015 by Simon Badman

There are around 7.5 million businesses and organisations on Linkedin, but only around 4 million of these have set up their profiles on company pages. In my last blog, I covered how to make your personal profile stand out. But what about your business profile?

With a current audience of 380 million users, there’s never been a more opportune time to get your company page up and running. So what are the main things to consider in setting up and enhancing your company page?

1. Get Your Colleagues Connected

Ensure that you and your colleagues link your profiles to the correct company page. A misspelling or a variation of your company name means their profile will not be linked to your company page.


2. Think Audience, Think Keywords

Write your company description section thinking of your Linkedin specific audience. This section also allows you to list company specialities, for specialities think keywords. As mentioned in my previous blog, Linkedin keywords count in search and in Google search results.

Give an overview of your products and services and let people know the kind of content they can expect from your page e.g. “follow us for company news and insight into the electronics industry”.

3. Make It Visually Attractive

Great visuals grab attention and your Linkedin company page should be attractive and well designed. First of all, make sure your business logo is a square. 200 x 200 px works well although there are other sizes suggested. Then create a great header image (646×220 px) and change it regularly to link to your campaigns or promotions that you are running.

4. Showcase Page

Showcase pages offer a great opportunity for organisations to segment content for specific audiences or about particular products. Launched in November 2013, showcase pages replaced company pages’ products and services function and allow companies with multiple offerings to provide relevant content to relevant audiences. Before setting up showcase pages, consider whether you can commit to providing content from both your main company page and showcase pages.

5. Grow Your LinkedIn Group

If you have a Linkedin Group connected to your business, don’t forget to feature it within your page profile, so that your audience can also connect with you there also.

So now your page should be set up and raring to go. If you have any comments, questions, or would like to share what’s worked for you please join us on twitter.

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