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How To Make Your Email Marketing More Personalised

SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 29 Sep 2014 by Carla
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Spam is a dirty word for all email marketers, and many of our clients spend often talk to us about how disheartening it is when their beautiful mail-out get “junked” and read by very few. Simply personalising your content encourages a greater level of engagement amongst your followers. So, today on the SocialB training blog, we offer tips on how to make your email marketing more personalised.

Here are our top five tips on how to make your email marketing more personalised:

1. Address your recipient by name

Even the simplest of email marketing software will provide you with the option to use your subscribers’ first names. This may mean starting your content with “Dear….” Or may even include their first name in the subject line: “Good Morning Steve, did you know….”

2. Provide a real ‘reply-to’ email address

You want your recipients to engage with your content, click on your links and act upon your calls to action. You are addressing your customers by their first name to their personal email account; don’t forget to offer the same in return so they feel they have a real point of contact instead of a ‘noreply@’ email address. Some may want to respond, to email you, ask questions – always reply to emails, whether positive or negative.

3. Segment your subscriber list

Create smaller lists to make your email marketing more targeted. This could be as simple as creating a different mailout for males and females, or could target separate age groups, or geographic locations. The more personal, the more likely the reader will engage in the content.

This approach does rely on subscribers’ information being taken correctly at the initial point of contact, ask your web designer to include three to five drop down lists on your site’s sign-up page to find out information from your audience which is relevant to your email marketing. Things such as birthday (a surreptitious way of asking for age!), location, hobbies – even their favourite colour! Keep it simple to encourage optimum uptake.

4. Create automatic follow-up emails

Further to the above, create a rule via your email marketing software that will automatically send a personalised ‘welcome’ or ‘thank you for subscribing’ email. Likewise, you could also send a follow-up email a few days after you have mailed them their purchase, or send everyone a discount voucher on their birthday. This personal and human touch can work wonders for your conversion rate!

5. Analyse data on click-throughs and open rates

Lastly, as always with SocialB, we are striving to improve. We encourage all of our clients to regularly analyse their data to find out what is successful and what isn’t. By reviewing your email marketing campaigns you will work out how to make your email marketing more personalised: by discussing which ones were more successful, means you can perfect your mailouts. Which subject lines generated the highest open rate? And which links were most clicked upon? Use this information to your advantage when designing your next campaign. Take a look at these benchmarks compiled by MailChimp (a free email marketing software website) to see how your campaigns are performing in relation to the industry average.

Put these tips into practice! Just a few simple changes can make all the difference – do you have a particularly helpful tip on how to make your email marketing more personalised? Share it with us in the comments below!

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