How to make your mobile app stand out

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Many companies are realising the tremendous marketing of smartphones and with it, the potential of creating your own mobile app tailored towards your audience’ needs. With today’s smartphones having endless possibilities of great app development and implementation, it’s important you consider the need to market your app well, otherwise, it may get lost among the hundreds of apps available.

That’s why along with having a great user-friendly app that’s really useful for your audience, you need to have an intentional marketing strategy to let people know about the app and the option of downloading it to their smartphones.

Here are 5 key tips on how to make your mobile app stand out from the competition:

Have a great description

A great app description means your user will know what your app is all about from the first sentence and what it does. It has the potential to make the user feel compelled to click the “more” button in order to keep reading.

That first line should be straight to the point and showcase the power of your app. It should also be written in an engaging way that works as a “teaser”, whilst getting the user interested.

After they click the “more” button to go into further detail about your app, use bullet points to state the benefits, make sure you emphasize what makes your app different.

Pick the right keywords

Besides having a great description that quickly let you users know what your app is all about, make sure you add the right keywords into that description. Keywords will also let users know exactly what your app is and will help make sure your app is found by the right audience.

Engage on social media

App users frequently use their smartphones to update their Facebook status or to go on other social media networks. If you’re already investing in your social media marketing, make sure you tell your followers about your app, what it does, how to download it, it’s different features, etc.

If you’re still not on social media, maybe this is a good time to start.

Create an app video

Create a video about your app which will demonstrate what it does and how it works with live actions and screenshots. The video should be short and sweet – around two minutes long. Don’t forget to add a call-to-action at the end for users to download your app.

Make sure you upload your video to YouTube and your other social media networks.

Ask your audience

A good way to know if your audience is enjoying your app is to ask them. Be sure to provide a support email address where customers can ask you questions or give feedback via the app store or marketplace. Within the app, ask for a user’s review around fifteen days after the user has downloaded it.

When people do give you feedback, listen and reply to them. Take their ideas into consideration in order to make your app even better.

Do you have other tips on how to make a mobile app stand out? Share with us in the comment section below.

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