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For one reason or another you might have ended up with more than one Facebook page for your business. Maybe you originally set up pages for different projects but would rather have them under one umbrella, or perhaps two people have set up pages for the same business. Either way, this can be a frustrating situation. Luckily, it’s actually very easy to merge your Facebook pages, preserving your likes and check-ins without having to ask your subscribers to do a thing – phew!

There are some things to remember before you start;

  • This might sound obvious, but you’ll need to be an administrator on all the pages you want to merge
  • Next you need to make sure the pages have similar names and if there’s a location the address needs to be the same
  • The page with fewest Likes will be merged into the page with the most, deleting all content other than Likes and Check-ins. Make sure you copy any photos and other information you need before you go ahead and merge Facebook pages
  • This is an irreversible process so be really sure you want to do it before you start!

To get to the merge tool go to the page with the most likes and select ‘Edit Page’ from the top right and then ‘Update Info’. There’s a flag icon in the list on the left labeled ‘Resources’, click it and among the options, you should see the option ‘Request to merge duplicate Pages’. If you don’t see this option then you’re either not an administrator of the other page, or the names aren’t similar enough.

Next just follow the instructions selecting the page with the most likes as destination, and your merge is done!

This is such a great Facebook tool to know about and could be useful in so many situations. For example, if you changed your business name and set up a new page you can merge your old page into it to avoid losing all your old customers. It really is a simple process, just don’t forget to copy all those photos first as there is no way to recover any of the information later.

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