How To Modernise Your Email Marketing Campaigns

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With 2015 set to be a record-breaking year for email marketing campaigns there has never been a better time to review and improve your email strategy. More and more users are engaging with emails than ever before with more customers being happy to receive direct marketing from the brands they choose. Here we will take a look at four tactics to help to modernise and improve your email strategy.

Grow Your Email Subscribers List

The number of users opening and clicking on links within emails has grown significantly in the past 12 months to make email marketing one of the best converting marketing channels. For this reason, it makes sense to grow your email database to ensure that you have more targeted users to marketing your products and services too. It could be tempting to purchase an email marketing database online to get this instant boost. This can work in some instances but more often than not a purchased will do nothing more than to decrease your click-through-rate. If a random company popped up in your email inbox shouting about their products and services you are highly likely to hit the unsubscribe button.

Mobile Friendly Emails Are A Must

Simply put, all emails that you send must be mobile friendly. Over 65% of all emails are read by users on their smartphones and this figure is only going to increase in the coming months and years. The simplest way to cater to a wide range of devices is by having a responsive email template. As a result, any content within your email will resize and display according to the size of the screen that the email is being viewed on.

Analyse Your Email Database Performance

Your entire email marketing database contains a wealth of useful data and information that can be used to shape marketing strategy, business decisions and so much more. Mining the data you have available to you through your email campaign provider and Google analytics will provide all of the tactical decisions you will need. Decisions such as what time of day to send the email, what day of the week to send and what subject line to choose can all be shaped through the past performance data available to you.

Make Your Customers Feel At Home

Once a customer opens your email on their device it is important to provide as many opportunities for that user to interact with your brand within the email. A good tactic is for the emails to branded in a similar fashion to your website. Using the same fonts, colours, placement of headers and social media links will help to create a familiar feel which will in turn increase click-through-rates.

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