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How To Optimise Your Mobile Adverts For Non-profit Campaigns

SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 22 Aug 2016 by Simon Badman

With more than half the world’s population on mobile phones, there’s never been a better time to consider mobile advertising. However, the choice of options available for mobile advertising, especially for charities and not-for-profit organisations, is becoming more complex and diverse.

The real danger is to jump in with both feet before considering what you want to do and who you want to do it to.

Within this blog I’m not going to go down a specific platform route or methodology, whether that is social media networks, AdWords, remarketing or even using messaging services, but instead focus on some key principles to lead you to success.

photo-1469243159284-ec62e27ddffdStart With Strategy And Audience

Considering your objectives and target audience will help you define your approach, support the design of your content and help you locate your ideal audience. The key questions to ask are:

What are my objectives?

Is it raising funds, increasing support, volunteers, or raising awareness to your campaigns?

Having clearly defined objectives at the start of your mobile ad campaign will help you define success not waste money.

Who am I targeting?

Existing supporters, people like your supporters, or a completely new demographic?

Most social platforms now allow you to load supporter databases, so your ads will be seen by them. To reach a slightly new audience, you could try the “lookalike” function that many platforms offer with their ads managers, to define an audience similar to your current supporters. For a completely new audience, these ads managers also can be a great place to research the size and nature of the new audience. This research should provide insight on which social platforms our audience is hanging out on?

Where are my audience hanging out?

Are they using search, or are they hanging out on social media platforms or messaging apps and which ones?

Optimising Your Design

photo-1469398718052-b9d13df0d7c9One of the downfalls of the word “advertising” is that we can often become lazy in creating our adverts and fall into “broadcast” mentality. A better way of seeing adverts is as a means of getting our content, messages and conversations in front of a wider audience. This is particularly true with social media advertising, but also should be considered with mobile web and messaging etc.

In terms of the design itself, there’s some obvious points to consider when designing ads for mobile.

Am I limited by the number of characters / words I can use such as with Google AdWords?

  • Does my headline and text grab attention and am I able to use attention grabbing images and video, as in social media platforms advertising?
  • Are my images and video clear for the small screen of a smart phone?
  • If my videos auto play in timelines, have I considered adding subtitles as they will initial auto-play without sound?
  • Does my images and videos broadcast and bombard instead of engaging and storytelling as well as showing need?

Provide Clear Calls To Action

So people have seen your ad in their timeline, what next? Consider what are you trying to get your audience to do and provide clear (and measurable) calls to action.

Don’t forget mobile ads lend themselves brilliantly to utilising mobile functionality such as click to call links, sharing a physical location via maps and providing specific links to mobile landing pages.

If you need assistance with your mobile marketing we’d love to hear from you.


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