How To Refresh Your Old PPC Campaigns

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Paid Search (PPC)

When you are running long term PPC campaigns day in and day out, it can be easy to slip into bad habits and let things jog along or maybe there’s that campaign that you stopped because it wasn’t quite working so well. Is is time you were inspired to refresh your old PPC campaigns?

Instead of setting up new PPC campaigns why not have a look at your existing old ones, it could save you time and with a little tweaking can prove successful. Here’s a few ideas on how to refresh your old PPC campaigns and breathe life back into them.

Review Ad Copy

Refreshing ad copy is one of those jobs we put off, writing creative and enticing text in less than 35 characters and the headline does not always flow, but it is also one of best ways to revitalise your PPC.

Reviewing and re-doing ad copy is essential and even if you have a good click through rate it is still important to keep your it fresh and find ways to make it better – sometimes it comes down to adding one word which can make all the difference. In addition to being creative, check that you’ve got your keyword, the benefit of your product/service and a call to action all included.

You need to give people a reason to buy today, so for example, if you’ve got an offer such a ‘free delivery’ or a sale ending ensure you add these details to your copy to prompt customers into action.

Check Landing Pages

Improving your PPC conversion rates could be as simple as making sure you have the right landing page in the first place. If you’ve got special offers make sure you are targeting those pages and review when the offer ends.

Secondly, check the landing page layout, content, button sizes, button wording and other calls to actions – could they be improved/changed to enhance the users’ experience and guide them down that purchase path.

Ensure you headings are clear, concise and match your PPC ad copy. Adjusting the level of content or product description on your landing page, depending on your product or service can also have an impact, you should aim not to leave your customers wanting to know more as that could cause them to bail.

Testing PPC

We know we should test our PPC ads but occasionally this gets forgotten, spend a few moments to go through it and note down what you don’t like about the experience. Even better get someone else to try, you might get a better perspective from a colleague or friend who is not so close to the subject.


Finally, check out the competition and see what their ad copy and landing pages look like, whilst you don’t want to copy it word for word, it may spark some inspiration and get the creative juices running again.

If you need further help or ideas on refreshing your old PPC campaigns contact us today or leave your questions in the comments section below.

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