How To Tailor My Content For Selling On Facebook

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FacebookOne of the ultimate goals of every company that invests in social media marketing through Facebook is to increase sales revenues. Social media, especially Facebook, is not the place to hard sell since the nature of this network is more about delivering content related to engagement and interaction.

So, how can a business create and deliver content on Facebook that gets their audience’s thumbs up and also helps to increase sales without directly selling or advertising?

Here are our 5 top tips on how to tailor your content for selling on Facebook:

  • Provide value and sell with subtleness

Instead of talking about your products or services, talk about “what’s in it for the customer”. That means that you should create content around your products or services in a way that shows some kind of value to the customer or potential customer.

You might have a wonderful product, but what your customers really want to know is if the product is useful to them, how can it help them solve a problem, fill a gap, etc. Add certain calls-to-action to your content, like a link to a tutorial on your website or a blog post where customers can read more about the benefits of a certain product. Although you’re not hard selling anything, you’re engaging your customers and taking them to certain places where the buying process can begin.

  • Provide more of the right kind of content

Measuring and analysing your Facebook marketing efforts is a wise thing to do. Through Facebook insights, you can check the type of content that has more interaction, engagement and clicks which is ultimately going to drive more customers into the buying process.

Depending on your audience, they can prefer videos, images, tutorials, tips and advice, contests, etc. By analysing your stats, you’ll start to see certain patterns and will be able to see which type of content works best and focus on providing more of that content.

  • Give promotions and discounts

People love Facebook’s promotions and discounts. Offer a discount voucher or make a promotion on a certain product. You can even create a page cover for this or a dedicated tab. Make sure you add the time the promotion finishes, adding a sense of urgency. If people want to take advantage of the promotion, they’ll have to act fast!

  • Teach through comparison

Consumers love to compare products and services and often go online for that reason. If you sell several different products or services, it has the potential to confuse clients, create content where you compare your products or services. It can be a blog post or a video, but make sure you teach customers about the differences and benefits of each product or service you’re comparing, providing links to your site where they can buy the product or service.

This type of content drives sales since it builds trust with the customers that like to take informed buying decisions.

  • Search for conversations

One of the best ways to create engaging content that sells is to always be on top of your industry. You can do this by constantly searching online for conversations around your products, services, brand or industry in general.

This way you’ll be able to identify hot topics, trends and issues that your audience is facing and talking about. Being able to create interesting content before your competition helps gain people’s trust in you and can drive sales.

Are you a business using Facebook to drive sales? Tell us about your experience in the comment section below.

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