How to tweet successfully in 140 characters – or less

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Millions and millions of tweets are written every day, with many of them getting unnoticed. Tweets are limited to 140 characters, which allow readers to easily digest your content. So, how do we put out amazing shareable content in such a restricted template and get it noticed?

Ribbon,_TwitterHere are 8 top tips for you to implement straight away in order to tweet successfully:

1. Educate, entertain and inspire

People love to go on Twitter to be entertained, feel inspired or learn more about a particular subject by clicking on links that lead them to blog posts or videos. Brands that tailor their content based on knowing this are consistent to the network and provide real value to their audiences.

2. Use less than 140 characters

You can write a maximum of 140 characters but it is a good idea to use less. If you’re thinking, “it’s already so hard to use just 140 characters, how am I going to write even less?”, then just get into “Twitter headlines” mode. Think about your tweets as teasing headlines that are straight to the point, catch the eye and can entice your audience into wanting to know more.

3. Include photos

On Twitter, people expect to be taken to content that is multi-media rich. Photos are a huge trend at the moment. Add images into your tweets and watch your engagement and content sharing grow! Yes, that means using even less text on each tweet.

4. Ask questions

A great way to create interaction on Twitter is by asking direct questions and even better, if you include a photo too. This works especially well for funny tweets or hot and trendy topics that your audience is emotionally connected to and want to voice their opinion in.

5. Include hashtags

Twitter is all about the hashtags. It’s how people search and find specific topics that interest them. So, if you wish to be found by your audience on Twitter, make sure you not only know the keywords being used that are related to your products/services and industry, but also add them to your tweets. Choose just one or two hashtags for each tweet, too many can be visually annoying and take your precious space out of the 140 characters.

6. Spot the trends

Do your own hashtag searches on Twitter to keep on top of what’s being said in your industry, news and trends. It can give you lots of ideas for new tweets, and it’s also a good way to interact with other people by responding to their tweets.

7. Schedule your tweets

There are many great free and paid tools to manage your Twitter account, like Hootsuite that allow you to schedule your tweets daily, weeks and monthly, all in advance. This is a great way to keep all your tweets organised, especially at key times of the year.

8. Create your own tone

All successful brands on Twitter have established their own specific “tone of voice”. That is their personality on Twitter, and it is tailored to their specific audience. Within each tweet, you need to create your own voice that needs to be consistent. This will make your audience get to know you; it also sets you apart from the competition.

Are you actively using Twitter? We look forward to hearing your success stories in the comment section below.

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