How to use brand advocates for market research

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Business_presentation_byVectorOpenStockIt is indeed a fertile territory to know more about your market. There are many techniques on how to use social media for market research and one of the main ones is to use your brand advocates, or brand influencers.

Many brands have brand advocates. They’re not your average customer, they’re customers that are truly passionate about the brand. They follow the brand on social media, share their content on a daily/weekly basis, and recommend it to their peers. They really help your marketing efforts without expecting anything in return!

They’re your audience and can provide you with great insights about their buying patterns, personal tastes, platforms they use, etc. By studying them you can learn a lot more about your audience and take that knowledge into enhancing your marketing strategies.

So here are 3 great ways to use your brand advocates for market research:

1. Find out what and where they’re talking about you

Brand advocates love to share a brand’s content and talk about it. If you identify your brand advocates and research them online to see where they’re talking about you and what they’re talking about, you can find new places where your audience is that you weren’t aware of.

If your online presence is limited to your website, Twitter and Facebook, don’t think these are the only locations that brand advocates are talking about you. They may be using other social media platforms, blogs or niche forums that can be a great asset to your marketing efforts and helping you reach a wider audience!

2. Listen to their conversations

Listening to their conversations around your brand gives you great insights about what’s been working and what needs improving, especially when there are other customers or potential customers involved.

You might identify industry trends, issues with your products or services that you weren’t aware of, or something that’s working quite well and you should maintain. And you get a general feel of what’s being said about your brand too!

3. Connect with them

A brand advocate is someone that should be cherished by any brand.

So connecting and engaging with your brand advocates is not only a way of keeping them motivated, but also a great way of creating a close relationship and a flow of communication where they can feel safe and happy to provide you with valuable feedback.

They might tell you if there’s something wrong with your brand. They may even help you with a solution; let you know about your audience’s specifications and tastes and how your products or services relate to them.

It is a good idea for brands to have a program in place in order to reward and keep these advocates.


Are your brand advocates helping you in your market research? Share it with us in the comment section below.

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