How to use Pinterest as a marketing tool for ecommerce companies

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pinterest-scrabbleAs a visual social network, Pinterest can offer more marketing and sales potential than other social networks. For many businesses, it can drive more traffic to websites than Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube, according to some reports.

One in five Pinterest users purchase an item they have seen on the social networking site, which only emphasises the importance of ecommerce businesses needing to have a presence on this network.

Here are 5 great ways on how to use Pinterest as a tool for your ecommerce business:

1. Create inspirational boards

Creating a variety of boards that show off your brand’s personality and taste, and adding enough pins to make each board feel substantial is a basic Pinterest rule.

However, rather than merely showcasing your products, business users need to truly inspire their potential buyers by creating boards for the ideas, places, people, and moods behind your brand. Share photos that fit the feelings your products help customers connect with your brand!

Pinterest is about people relating to your content, so create boards that have eye-catching images that draw your customers in and encourage them to buy your products.

2. Run contests

A well crafted and managed contest on Pinterest can drive sales and traffic for your store, as well as being great for customer engagement.

For example, a “pin it to win it” contest is always a hit. This is where users are asked to pin photos with your name and a hashtag on it. Make sure you offer an amazing prize to encourage participations and read the Pinterest’s contest guidelines first, so you don’t cross that spam border.

If you get this technique right, it might mean serious results for your business

3. Use “Rich Pins”

“Rich Pins” include details like pricing, availability, and where to buy. This is key to any ecommerce business, as this information needs to be readily accessible to any potential customer, in order to increase the likelihood that they will convert and make a purchase.

Using Rich Pins can help your Pinterest presence because they get higher click-through rates than regular pins and they make your brand more visible because your logo is on the pin.

Also product pins are more likely to appear in a category feed, like Men’s Fashion or Gifts and Rich Pins include automatically updated details, like price changes.

Companies of all sizes, with stores on Shopify, eBay and Etsy, can use Rich Pins.

4. Use Promoted Pins

If you find that Pinterest is driving profitable traffic to your ecommerce site you can put some money behind specific pins to increase their reach. With promoted pins you can pay to increase the amount of people that will see your pin, and only pay when someone clicks through to your site. These paid pins are a great way to accelerate sales through Pinterest, just make sure you check the analytics to see if it is generating good results.

5. Use Influencers

Pinterest has users that are considered influencers on their sector because they have thousands, some even millions of followers. It is a great idea to connect and develop relationships with these influencers, even send them some of your products for them to test and pin an image on their boards if they like it.

If they pin or repin a product of yours, this means having your brand in front of thousands of potential new customers because they’re seen as experts in their industry and influence the buying decisions of their followers.


Have you had success using pinterest as a marketing tool for your ecommerce business? Let us know in the comments below.

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