How To Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic To Your Site

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Pinterest was launched in 2010 and is one of the fastest growing social media platforms. Its rise in popularity is demonstrated with over 70 million users, although behind Facebook and Twitter, it’s made a real impact. Sounds great, but how can you use Pinterest to drive traffic to your site?

Before you jump in with both feet, first decide whether Pinterest is the right social media platform for your business model.  Ask the questions; what is your target audience and is it suitable to your industry?

With its speedy growth, Pinterest is attracting the attention of brands and businesses and is a great way to communicate to your target audience.

One of the best ways to capture your audience’s attention and interest them enough to drive traffic back to your site is to know exactly what matters to them and how they consume information because Pinterest is all about the visual aspect.

Start with relevant boards tailored to your audience, using related themes, along the lines of your keywords is a good place to begin.  Then simply pin images to attract and inspire your followers.  Allow users to pin on your boards to interact and keep it light and informal, hard sell is not what Pinterest is about.

Search Engine Optimisation of course features and can help in driving traffic. The pinboard name and description should include the keyword or phrase around your chosen theme.  Including links to your website in the description encourages followers to click through to your site, and don’t forget to add a ‘Pin it’ button on your web pages.

Another tip is to use hashtags in the board’s pin, this works better than just using the keyword.  It is now accepted that the hashtag is linked to social media platforms with even Facebook opening their doors to them, but don’t overuse them.

Like any social media involvement, it’s vital to monitor and moderate your boards, see which pins and boards are more popular and what is working.

Pinterest is perfect for visuals, having a social media strategy that includes multiple networks can benefit brands and maximise marketing efforts to reach a much wider audience and drive traffic to your website, which really is the ultimate aim.

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