How To Use Social Media To Find Your Ideal Candidate

SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 11 May 2017 by Amy Hobson
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Social media can be a valuable tool for recruiters. If used correctly it can reduce recruiting costs and increase the number of applications you receive giving you more choice and more opportunity to find the right person to fill the role. If you attract the wrong type of candidates, however, it can cost you time, effort and money. So how can you make sure you are finding the right candidates?

Fish In The Right Ponds

A key part of successful social recruiting is identifying where your potential candidates are most likely to be hanging out on social media so that you can concentrate your efforts on the right platform. This is particularly the case if you want your jobs to be noticed not just by candidates who are actively looking for a job but also more passive candidates. An active candidate may turn to your LinkedIn profiles and company page to see what’s available but a passive candidate could notice your roles on Facebook or Twitter whilst they are just browsing.

Choose The Right Content

Avoid duplicating content and images for all of your role advertisements with just the job title and link differing between each one. This looks repetitive on your page and profile and is unlikely to appeal. Think about what content and imagery is likely to work for the role and will attract the right candidate. The John Lewis Partnership uses imagery across social media which reflects the role that is on offer. This is more eye catching and is more likely to appeal to the right person.

John Lewis Facebook Examples

Showcase Your Company

For social media recruiters, it is really important that interested candidates know who you are as a company. Even if somebody can do the job and fill the role it doesn’t mean that they are the right fit for your company. Ultimately they are less likely to succeed and more likely to leave if they’re not. Share your company ethos, workplace and show candidates what it’s like to work for your company. This tweet from @PixarRecruiting with the #WorkPerks and #InsidePixar, for example, gives a peek into some of the perks of working for Pixar and they regularly share insights into their working environment to entice candidates. Don’t forget to share you employee’s success stories either. Showcasing your staff, their talents and their career will highlight how good you are as an employer.  Microsoft Careers do this regularly on Facebook and Twitter to engage with their potential employees.

Pixar laptop palmtrees

Keep Your Recruitment Social Media Channels Separate

Whilst there may be some overlap it is highly possible that your end customer isn’t your ideal candidate. So, for example, if you are a fashion retailer your audience are going to be interested in current trends, fashion, your clothes etc. but do all your staff have to be? Whilst some staff like your designers and sales team need to be, the vast majority of support staff don’t need to have an interest in fashion at all. You may prefer them to have experience in your industry but they’re unlikely to have the same interests. From your customers point of view, you also don’t want to confuse them. The language you would use to recruit is very different to the language you would use to communicate with your customers. Of course, you should also let your customers know that you are recruiting but then push them either to your website for the latest vacancies (make sure it is up to date) or your dedicated social media channels.

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