How To Use Social Media To Provide Flawless Customer Service

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shutterstock_940517951Making Facebook and Snapchat look like they’re fresh out of catering college, the world’s hotels, pubs, restaurants and leisure hotspots are the original venues for social networking – they’ve been bringing people together and running ‘events to be seen at’ for centuries!

If you’re one of the hard-working hosts that run these businesses, you’re already armed with all the ideas, instincts and strategies you need to engage and amaze your guests in person. Now it’s time to transfer all that expertise to a social media offering. Today, we serve up a selection of Socialb’s tips on how to use social media to provide flawless customer service.

1. How they’ll discover you

Popping corks and launching the new ‘place to be’ can, when you combine real world marketing with the right online ingredients – such as video and 360 tours – give your venue’s reputation that extra spice and impact. You’ll need to tap into the same batch of social media platforms that foodies, fitness fans, and beer lovers are using to organise their social lives. Check out where your competitors are hanging out. Make sure you also have your doors open on those sites. Yes, even those ‘love them or hate them‘ review sites!

2. While you’re hosting

From hiring their front of house staff on Snapchat to helping guests find a date via their hotel lobby screen courtesy of LobbyFriend, or letting music fans play and share their favourite tracks during their stay with RockBot, hospitality businesses are already looking for ways to mix up a heady cocktail of connected entertainment for customers coupled with social media tools to use behind the scenes.

Get a taste for those social media experiences out there that dish up that wow factor. The only limit is your creativity in creating unique experiences that people will want to boast about to their friends online. Make sure you have the essentials like WIFI and prompts about your social media accounts available at your venue.

3. Once they’ve sampled your hospitality

Repeat custom, a growing clientele and a kind word or two from journalists used to be the main ways to get a view on the progress of your campaign. Now your diners, guests and visitors can be tapping up and swiping up a few words about their experience while still enjoying it. It’s not just about pleasing the new generation of restaurant and attraction critics on TripAdvisor. What about keeping them interested and enthusiastic about returning? We put together some great tips for building loyalty in  our ‘Great ways to use social media to retain your customers’ post.

4. That ‘TripAdvisor Demotion’ moment

The busy day where you queues are out of the door, you’re specials have all sold out, your rooms all booked and your staff are stretched to their limits can be a missed blessing. The greater the footfall the larger the pool of feedback will be – both damning and glowing! If you over-boil after reading a review, do that offline while you shape a response worthy of your front of house standards. Take the opportunity to show that customer that you are listening, taking action and happy to help.

5. When you’re their favourite host

Nurture your fans. Show your appreciation. Take your loyalty schemes, rapport and that attention to detail for our guests to their newsfeeds online. Whatever you’re doing at your café, sports club or nightclub, think about how you can do the same on Instagram, Twitter and Hellotel. Link them up with other great businesses who share your passion and dedication to quality to grow a like-minded network of advocates.

And that’s just our taster menu of tips and support for your hospitality business. If you run a hotel, pub, restaurant, sport or leisure business and need some help to harness social media or want to know how you can get better results, then our social media courses specially created for the hospitality industry could be the answer.

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