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How To Win B2B Customers Through Creative Campaigns On Social Media

SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 02 Sep 2016 by Simon Badman
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Social Media Success at Kramp – Part Two

This summer I had the privilege to interview Dirk Wolbers, Social Media Specialist at Kramp Tools. In this blog I talk to Dirk about how creative campaigning in social media use led to business benefit.

coachboris1Kramp have developed some of the most creative content we’ve seen. Their #CoachBoris campaign, which was timed to coincide with the Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014, introduced products and services of Kramp in an engaging but fun way to its customers on Twitter and Facebook. During the European Football Championships we saw customers of Kramp taking part in a football video challenge but how did they get so creative with their content?

How did you set out to develop such creative social content?

We started by asking the following questions:

  • What platforms are our customers using?
  • How do we see ourselves as a company?
  • What sort of story do we want to share with our customers?

I think we still have a lot to improve, we’re not even halfway there yet.

Kramp are predominantly B2B, why have you gone for Facebook within your strategy?

When it comes to something like Facebook I think that we as a company should not care whether it’s a B2B or B2C platform and we’re B2B as at the end of the day we’re talking about human beings. If our customers are at home at 7pm, sitting on the couch with their iPad and scrolling through their newsfeed, this is the moment where we can have an impact. If we can cut through the posts from friends and family, in a playful way, we can benefit greatly.

We can’t do this on an international level though. Here in the Netherlands we have a marketing department with copywriters, designers and myself, the social media specialist, but we also have local marketing departments in other countries we have offices in.

We want local Facebook pages to focus on what’s happening for customers in their local markets, so we’ve launched five different local Facebook pages. The team managing these pages know what we’re expecting from a corporate level and we’ve worked with them to develop local expressions for content. They can also use the central team for support with content such as photos and video.

Also we proactively engage with content and post content on the pages of our customers and suppliers.

How are you using Twitter?

There’s huge potential on twitter that we’re starting to realise. We’re now actively monitoring the conversations on customers and potential customers and engaging more with them. If a customer is having an open day, we’ll tweet our best wishes to them for example.

We’re “in-between” businesses, we’re a wholesaler, we’re not Apple and therefore long-term relationships with our resellers are even more important to cultivate.

Our team on twitter will focus on replies and make sure our customers get excellence customer care first of all. There’s also a lot of content that we wouldn’t get involved with but is still encouraging to colleagues to see, for example when one of our resellers sells one of our products to a customer and tweets about it.

Do you see different channels for different purposes?

We use Twitter for more global Kramp news and updates, with hashtags and different languages localising tweets.

On Facebook there’s a lot more content produced but we have to be careful not to set expectations as not everyone will become a Kramp reseller and also there is a danger that we could slip into selling rather than being social too much.

Where is your content heading in the future? thorsten

Live streaming is growing and interesting from a consumer perspective but can be hard to sell-in internally. We’ll be looking to live-stream at events but we’ll take a step-by-step approach to this technology.

We’ve been doing some great video work in Germany. A colleague called Thorsten has become a popular Kramp figure because of the playful business related insights he provides to our customers. In #ThorstenFragtNach (“Thorsten asks for…”), Thorsten answers customer questions and interviews colleagues with the videos being are shared on YouTube and Facebook.

We’re also rolling out live chat in our web shop that will connect to social media. It will mean that every product and customer specialist will be available to be referred to from a social media-based enquiry.


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