Improve Conversion Rates With A Marketing Strategy

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Conversion Optimisation

If you suspect that your website sales or leads are not keeping up with the level of traffic being driven to your site, then you need to take a look at conversion optimisation. Creating an online marketing strategy can focus your attention and answer some strategic questions to put in place the right building blocks. Like anything in business, improvements don’t just happen, it takes time, planning and implementation to develop.

There are many types of conversions relevant to online business from increasing interactions, giving quotes, providing leads and, of course, sales. An online marketing strategy is easier than you think, though; here are few simple steps and questions to ask yourself and get you started.

1. Measuring your conversion rate

If you don’t know your current conversion rates for your sales or goals, it’s an essential starting point to know where you are now and measure how they improve once you implement your online strategy plan. Google Analytics goals can be set up to show how visitors engage with your website from registering for a newsletter or leads from a ‘contact us’ page. You can also measure products added to basket and sales goals, along with social media interaction if that’s an area of your business you are trying to grow.

2. Understand Your Online Audience

When someone walks into your business you can speak to them and find out what they are looking for and why they are there and form a relationship with the customer. Online your website has to fulfill that role so it is essential to ensure your website is aligned with your general business goals and principles you apply daily. Your content and calls to actions are your tools here and they need to educate, demonstrate your knowledge and entice potential customers to buy your products. By understanding your audience, you can make sure you get these points right.

3. Manage Your Online Sales Process

Tracking and monitoring your online sales process can often show where the cracks are occurring and where users are falling away. The sales process starts as soon as the users lands on your site, from building trust to understanding the buyers’ needs, getting the right product or service and fulfilling their requirements all the way to the checkout. A seamless customer experience will boost conversion rates and ensure you have satisfied customers who talk about your great service.

4. Give Reasons Why

In business, you are essentially striving to get people to desire and then to buy your product or service, and hopefully come back for more. In order to do this, you need to know and give the reasons why you do what you do and why your product or service is better than anyone else’s. If you can help your buyers to understand the tangible reasons why they should take action they will better understand the value and benefits of your business. Building trust is a major factor in increasing conversion rates.

5. Social Media Campaigns

Social media and user-generated content is also be very effective in supporting conversion optimisation and should be included in any online marketing strategy. Whilst it’s all about content, it not just the content topic but content types that can help with conversion rates. Using blogs, video, webinars, email marketing and competitions are all critical to enticing buyers to purchase via social media campaigns.

Better conversion strategies will boost your online business for little outlay and an online marketing strategy will ensure you maintain your focus and keep your online business centred on what you want to achieve.

If you have further questions about developing an online strategy or improving your conversion optimisation, then give us a call today.

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