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cameraOptimise your bio

The first place to start to improve your Instagram profile, and any other social media profile, is to look at your bio. With standard Instagram posts, users have plenty of characters to describe their image or video. However, in the bio, the platform only gives its users 150 characters to play with in its bio, so use them wisely! You will need to get creative for this one, as within this 150-character limit you should include a concise description of what your business does, what kind of content users can expect, and a link to your website.

Get Snap Happy

Most of us who are using social media as a marketing tool are not expert photographers, however, it is important that your images within Instagram are of good quality. So, how do you get round the awkward fuzzy photos taken in haste when something interesting arises? We suggest that you take a lot of shots and choose the best image. If you are an iPhone user, you are lucky enough that your phone will do this for you! Simply hold down the shutter for a couple of seconds and you will see that your phone has captured multiple images. Think of it as putting your best foot forward.

Experiment with editing apps

There are a world of editing apps out there, some excellent, some a complete waste of time. Amongst the most popular is VSCO Cam, Pic Stitch and Slow Shutter Cam. These apps can take your images from amateur to pro in the click of a button. A particularly useful app for brands is called Overgram, which allows users to add text overlays to images, meaning you can really highlight your message.

Use Hashtags

Instagram, unlike Twitter, allows users to add up to 30 hashtags per post. Now, we wouldn’t suggest that you need to use all 30 every time, but this means that using multiple hashtags really doesn’t look out of place within this platform. A good way to find hashtags related to your content is to explore in the ‘Discover’ area, type in keywords that you think are relevant to your content and see what kind of content surfaces. Remember not to use punctuation within a hashtag as it will mean it won’t link correctly.

Geotag your posts

With recent updates from Instagram, geotagging is more important than ever, as the discover section allows you to locate posts near you. As such, particularly if you have a physical presence such as a store, this is a great way of using your online efforts to drive potential customers into your store. Geotagged posts will be relevant to those in your immediate area, so you can even post promotions or discounts for users who come into your store and show your Instagram offer.

It is good practice to encourage your customers to geotag posts from within your store, as user-generated content is the most valuable promotion that you could possibly ever get. Read about brand advocates here.

How do you maximise your Instagram profile? Have you tried any of the above? If so, what were the results? We would love to hear from you in the comments below or on Twitter.

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