How To Increase Your Blog Conversion Rate

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Having a blog on your website is key to any business. There are too many benefits to count; from driving traffic from social media to the website, to increasing search engine rankings, to establishing a reputation as a thought leader; all whilst delivering expert value to your customers.

A question we at SocialB are often asked is, ‘How do my blog readers convert to customers?’ Understanding how to stimulate your reader’s interest, and get them to buy from your website, or make an enquiry and convert into a potential lead is not an easy feat.

However, there is one simple secret that alone can increase your conversion rate by more than 500%:

Funnel Traffic to Landing Pages

Your Blog content can convert at a much higher rate if you funnel your traffic to landing pages.

This means creating specific landing pages that do the converting for you. You basically write your copy that helps your readers make the correct buying decisions and then add links and CTA’s that take them into carefully selected landing pages.

An effective landing page will present information about a single offer and will have either a form to fill in or a buy it now button, depending on what your conversion goal is.

Landing pages are essential because they give each one of your offers a place to live so you can funnel blog readers more effectively.

For example, suppose you’re writing a blog post about home refurbishing and you are offering free consultations, in order to capture potential customers.

Directing readers from the blog post to a specific landing page about the free consultation will increase your chances of converting in more than 500%. This is because they will be more likely to proceed, as the offer they presented with relates strictly to the blog post, which initially sparked their interest (and click!).

The most effective landing pages will also eliminate distractions from the page, so the visitor can focus on the offer and the call-to-action. By removing menu options, unnecessary information, sidebars, and other distractions, the visitor is more likely to click on the ‘buy’ button or fill out the form, because there is nothing else to do on the page.

Landing pages can also help you track individuals, rather than simple clicks and page views, by collecting information, such as where the visitor came from, or who filled out the form or clicked the ‘buy’ button.

By looking closely at which methods and offers are doing well, you’ll be able to get a good idea of who is converting and why so you can focus your efforts more effectively in the future.

Have you tried this technique of getting blog traffic to convert? Let us know your successes in the comments below, or tweet us @SocialBuk

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