Instagram For Businesses: Why And How?

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Instagram is a mobile photo-sharing app with more than 80 million users that was recently acquired by Facebook. Users can take photos anywhere with their mobiles and upload it to their social media networks.

This shows great potential for businesses and there are many already taking advantage of Instagram to promote their products or services and expand their mobile presence.

Why use Instagram for my business?

Just like Facebook can be used for marketing and building brand awareness, photo sharing with Instagram can as well. Instagram even has an entire section in their Help Centre titled Instagram for Business. With a little knowledge and a few creative ideas, you can use Instagram to boost your business presence and promote your brand.

You can create a personal image of your business by photographing things that are important to your company (products and services), but also more related personal things. If people feel like they have a personal connection with your brand (and the people behind it), they are more likely to stay connected with you and follow you on other social sites like Facebook or Twitter.  The more people who connect with you on these platforms, the more advertising and reaching opportunities you have.

How can I use Instagram for my business?

Like any other social media network, how to use Instagram depends on the type of business you have, there’s no “one size fits all”.

Instagram is a story-telling opportunity. You should think of ways that you can take pictures of your product, services, employees, events, locations, or even the office. Take your followers behind the scenes by showing them what goes on at your office or how your product or service is made.

Some ways to use Instagram for your business:

  • Show your products in a creative way: Let your followers do some mobile window-shopping by showing off a collection of your products, launching new ones or zoom in on a product and asking your followers to guess what it is!
  • Show how it´s made: Take snapshots of the manufacturing process of your products or the process of your services. Photos that show everything from planning to production and delivery.
  • Promotions and discounts: Take great photos of your products together with offering a discount or promotion and share it in your social media marketing networks.
  • Event Marketing: If you´re holding an event take fun and creative photos to tell the world about it.
  • Photo contest: Run regular photo contests where users take a picture with your products, taking advantage of user-generated-content. Or try a “caption this” contest and upload a photo of your own.
  • Find fans: Use Instagram to find people that are already using your products or services and those who have similar interests and can become your customers.

When starting to use Instagram, be sensible. Take your time to get used to the platform and build your content before you advertise your account on your website or Facebook – the last thing you want is for your customers to go to your account and find you only have one photo!

Is your brand already using Instagram?

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