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SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 12 May 2020 by Ollie Mowles
Influencer Marketing

Instagram has become well known as ‘the place to be and be seen’ when it comes to influencer marketing.

Now brand/influencer partnerships on Instagram are set to flourish even further, thanks to Facebook’s Brand Collabs Manager.

Let’s take a look at what this means for influencer marketing on Instagram and how it’s going to work.

Facebook shares Brand Collabs Manager with Instagram

Brand Collabs Manager was launched in 2018 on Facebook. Now Instagram is testing this influencer marketing tool with a select group of 40 Instagram creators. Going forward, creators (Instagram’s word for influencers) can apply to participate in the Brand Collabs Manager.

The influencer marketing economy is set to be worth $9.7 billion in 2020 which I’m sure has ‘influenced’ Instagram to take a more active role in the market they themselves created online. In fact, with predictions that this figure could reach $15 billion worldwide by 2022, they really can’t be blamed for wanting a bigger slice of the cake.

Instagram say: –

“We want to help creators make a living on the platform, and we want to help brands find the audiences that are most relevant to them,” says Instagram director of product marketing Susan Buckner Rose. “So, we think when done well, this can be a win-win-win for creators, brands and people.”

An influencer/brand match made in heaven

It certainly makes sense, that if influencers or creators find it easier to achieve their aim which is usually to monetise their content while driving value for brands, they will create more content. This will lead to more brands seeing that value and the benefits of what that content can achieve and so will want to invest more of their marketing budget into Instagram.

It’s a fact that the influencer marketing experience needs both sides to achieve their goals in order for the process to successful.

Instagram’s use of Brand Collabs Manager will help brands and marketers to find influencers and creators with the same audience they want to reach.

Improving the user experience

The other positive is that users, that’s you and I, should benefit too, with Instagram getting more involved with paid posts they will have more control over the influencer/brand experience. This should ensure that the best ad is displayed to the right person at the right time.

Making influencer marketing more transparent

Transparency should be at the forefront of influencer marketing and hopefully Instagram’s use of the Brand Collabs Manager will help. The days of influencers trying to fabricate their numbers and inflate their influence may not be completely over, but could be on the way out.

Smart influencer marketing decisions should be easier to take as creators and the brands they tag will be able to see engagement and shopping insights on individual posts, including how many people viewed or clicked on each product, as well as total impressions.

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