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Many businesses spend a large percentage of their time and budgets on promoting their business online and offline to their customers. However, many of those businesses are missing out on the full benefit of their marketing activities since they’re not integrating the offline activities with their online presence.

And worst, many are simply moving away and terminating their offline marketing activities and focusing only on online, even when their offline marketing activities are working!

That’s why integrating offline marketing activities and online marketing is crucial for any business.

Why integration is crucial?

Integration is very important because you will be missing out on many potential customers if the online and offline aren’t working together. For example, if a prospect comes across a magazine advert for your business without your website address in it, they won’t be able to access further information and will go to another business. That’s also the reason why many brands mention their websites on TV adverts nowadays.

How to integrate?

Many companies find it too complicated to integrate and bring together both their offline and their online marketing. Here are 5 tips to get you started:

1. Keep your look and feel consistent

Your website and online marketing need to be consistent with your offline marketing. This means that your emails should use the same layout that your brochures and your logo and colours should be exactly the same on your social media platforms than on your magazine ads. If you don’t keep your look and feel consistent, people won’t recognise your brand or even worst, they’ll recognise there’s something wrong and won’t trust you.

 2.      Have your teams working together

Some companies have their offline and online marketing teams separate or even outsource their marketing activities to different agencies. Whatever your company’s format, make sure all the teams work together or at least are aware of the activities of one another. This helps to keep your offline and online marketing consistent and also to bring new input and ideas to the table.

3. Use the same messages

Any catch phrases, messages, ‘tone of voice’ and even the company’s story should be the same across all your online and offline marketing activities.

Your main business slogan should appear on every piece of marketing material that you create, and messages from particular offline campaigns should appear on your website. The best way to get people to remember you brand and become your customers is consistency, so make sure you use the same messages in all your marketing.

4. Put your web address in all your collateral

This is the most simple way to integrate your online and offline marketing but sometimes it is overlooked. It could mean that you need to produce new brochures, invoices or business cards, but it’s for a good cause; your website address needs to appear on absolutely everything where your prospect customers can see.

This will increase your website traffic and your sales leads.

5. Make sure you have the same keywords

It’s crucial to identify the right keywords for your business when doing online marketing, but it’s also crucial that you use the same keywords when doing offline marketing so when someone finds your leaflet in a coffee shop and then search on Google for something they read on it, they’ll easily find you because it matches the same keywords on your website or social media presence.

Are you integrating offline and online marketing in your company? Share it with us in the comment section below.

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