How Can Internal Discussion Forums Benefit Franchises?

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Franchise blog ImageIn our current digital climate, many savvy franchises successfully use social media marketing in order to reach and attract more customers.

Franchise social media strategy often involves having each franchisee working on their own social media pages, taking into consideration their geographical location and the different profiles of their customers.

This makes the social media content more targeted, as each franchisee is best suited to understand and meet the needs of the target audience in their franchise location.

Whilst each franchisee can adjust their content and ideas to their customers, ideally following the company’s guidelines, it can be difficult for busy franchises to find time and ideas to work on their content.

This is where internal discussion forums can help.

An internal discussion forum is a place managed by the company and where franchisees can login and interact in different discussions with other franchisees.

But how could this help with social media management?

1. Share ideas

Much as any other kind on online discussion forum, this is a place where they can share their own ideas with other franchisees and help each other.

Maybe one of your franchisees came up with a great idea for an online competition. They can share it in the online forum with other franchisees and company departments and make it come alive.

Or even help other franchisees with daily content.

It’s also a great place for brainstorming new ideas that can help the business overall.

2. Clear up worries and queries

A discussion forum is a great place to ask questions to other franchisees. Any customer service concerns, PR worries or content queries can be addressed and discussed communally

If a franchisee has a question on how to perform a search on Twitter, or how to respond to a comment on Facebook, they can easily and quickly login to the discussion forum in order to get help from other franchisees.

3. Feel connected

A discussion forum is also a kind of social media network that is specific for your franchisees and to your company. It will make them feel connected to each other, creating a sense of community which can support one another.

Each franchisee, if they take advantage of your Internal Discussion Forum, will know what’s going on in other stores or businesses. Observing and discussing other locations’ social media activity can help franchisees understand how to interact and engage in conversations on social media. They can take inspiration from these discussions, and create content accordingly. What is more, this will aid a sense of continuity a


Does your franchise business use an internal discussion forum? Has it helped you to succeed on social media? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet us @SocialBuk

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