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Facebook is changing the way users search for things. Graph Search is in its beta stages at the moment but it’s going to make searching for things on the social network much easier.

Until now, if you wanted to know about a business that a friend likes you’d have to wait for it to show up in your timeline. It’s a great way to discover new places, business and games but not very specific.

With the new Graph Search you can use the search bar to find these things. For example, you could search for ‘coffee shops that my friends like’ and you’ll be given a list of all the coffee shops that have been liked by your friends.

Facebook has cleverly added in location services to this new search too. Some of us have Facebook friends spread all around the world so it’s not very helpful to see a coffee shop that’s been liked by a friend on the other side of the globe. Instead, you can search for ‘coffee shops my friends like nearby’. It’ll take your location and will only show you the relevant results.

This is good for any business that has a Facebook Page because there are now more chances that your page will show up in the search results. This is a good opportunity for people to discover something about your business.

Continuing with the coffee shop example, if you own a small shop your normal result might get lost amongst the chain shops in your area. The new search eliminates this, to an extent. If the searcher’s friends have liked your page then it will appear in the results.

You’ll need to make sure your location, about information, URL, and other details are all kept up-to-date to have the most chance of showing up where you should.

Filtering search results by friends is a great new step for social networks. For now, the beta is limited to people using the site in English (US), if you’re interested you can join the waiting list here.

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