Is Social Media A Sprint Or A Marathon?

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The majority of the country will have been aware of the London Marathon that was held yesterday in our capital city. However, this majority will not have actually been running the race – but it may have caused you to reflect upon your achievements and goals in 2014 so far, and look ahead to the future with more consideration.

The marathon is notorious for testing physical stamina and defeating even some of the most well-trained athletes from around the globe. It is stated that 1 in 6 runners will contact a St John’s Ambulance crew during the race, but it’s the determination and endurance of the participants that overshadows these statistics. They’ve trained for months and no one would consider sprinting off at the start line – the careful planning and understanding of your individual capabilities is a must.

Rather than a quick-fire sprint, the 42km run needs careful planning and training, with a positive attitude to the endurance needed and ongoing development.

Your social media strategy is the same. You cannot cut corners or skip parts of your training – you need to be fully informed and well-practiced if you are going to have any chance of succeeding to the best of your ability. Social media echos the principals of marathon running;

  • Be prepared for knock-backs but know how to combat and overcome them
  • Keep going until the finish line – this may be the end of a campaign or a 6-month analysis of your profiles
  • Be prepared for the hard work needed to successfully construct a reliable and successful social media presence
  • Finally and most importantly, don’t look at your strategy as a sprint.

If you put in the time and the on-going attention to your profiles and campaigns, you will have a much higher chance of succeeding than if you attempt to tackle a complex and large scale challenge too quickly.

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