Is your social media like your gym membership?

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Social media marketing is somewhat like a gym membership: If you put the hours in, you are going to see results.

January can be a crucial month for kick-starting the business year ahead, if you put your mind to it. The worst thing you could do for your business would be to continue meandering within the social media world and wondering why you feel like you’re falling behind despite being on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr…..that list could go on for a while.

Consider this for a moment

You sign up to the gym in January, with the motivation to lose that weight you’ve been paranoid about for a couple of years now. You go full steam ahead, going for hour-long sessions 5 times a week for the first month. Within a month, you’re seeing slight changes and improvements but actually, you’re feeling deflated because Rosie next door has been doing the same and looks fantastic.

In reality, you’ve been arriving at the gym at 6, getting changed, starting a run at 6.15, getting a bit bored at 6.30, and going to do a few weights machines on a resistance too light for your capability. Maybe the cross-trainer is appealing today, but then again maybe not. Meandering around the gym.

You haven’t really got a plan – you jumped on the January-fitness bandwagon and didn’t consider asking for advice along the way on how to achieve the best results. So after the first month things begin to slow down and gradually become less and less important.

Similarly, your business may be on a dozen social media platforms but the reality is, unless you have a strategy and a plan, you’re not going to get anywhere fast. Social media is not just a case of being on all of the platforms, you need to be on the right platforms for where your audience is. The big name profiles such as Facebook & Twitter may seem like the most obvious choice, plus your competition are using them, but I’ll let you in one a little secret – Facebook is one of the hardest social media platforms to use for a business. Much like this fitness secret – cutting out entire food groups from your diet is not the answer, moderation and sustainable habits are the manner in which to achieve results.

You need to put dedicated work into your social media efforts

Research your industry, know your analytical tools, create exciting content and engage with your audience.

You may already know this and you may find it obvious. But it is astounding how many people think that by being on social media platforms, much like going to the gym, that there are going to be instant changes without necessarily considering the work needed.

January is the perfect time for you to create a new plan of action. Begin the year by aligning the reality of your current situation to the goals you want to achieve. A social media strategy is one of the most crucial aspects of your social media marketing: with a strong strategy you begin to establish your presence on social media, measure your successes against your goals and also analyse where you need to improve.

Refresh your 2013 presence

  • Strategy
  • Engage
  • Measure

The trick with online marketing is to not flounder in the social media pool for too long without knowing where your strengths and weaknesses are. Take a considered and planned approach in 2014; seek the right knowledge and guidance, research your audience and prepare your team with a strategy for the year. You’ll begin to see those differences far more quickly.

Make the commitment have an impact.

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