Is Your Social Media Strategy Executed Well Enough?

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You have a good social media strategy, but are you executing it well?  Today’s SocialB blog seeks to help you answer that very question. Objectives and strategies are all well and good, but it’s critical that you measure the effectiveness of your hard work to gauge whether you are having an effective impact on your brand! A strong social media strategy can help your business to grow, analyse yours today!

Firstly, understand why you chose to include social media in your marketing strategy in the first place. Whilst you were writing your objectives, you probably asked yourself what you would like to achieve in terms of increased revenue and business growth – use these objectives to set goalposts and decide upon measurable factors to provide regular reports.

Here are three ways to work out whether you have a good social media strategy, and if you are executing it well:

Measure trust in your brand

Here at SocialB we spend a lot of time advising clients that social media isn’t all about the hard sell – but more about curating a diverse collection of information for your target market. It could be hints and tips, information about your products, and details of local events that your customers would enjoy. For instance, if you sell cycling products, you may inform your customers of forthcoming cycling events, or tips on how to stay hydrated during a ride. You can then measure the success of the trust you have built by selling tickets for your own event via social media following a prolonged campaign of useful information.

Rate your interactions

Whilst the amount of followers you attract is a measure on a basic level of the success of your social media strategy, shares and comments demonstrate engagement on a deeper level. A well-executed social media strategy will promote all three kinds of interaction. Try and analyse your posts to see which images and updates generate the most useful interactions. Use a scoring system to rate each post: 1 point per like, 5 per comment and 10 per share.

Use analytics tools

Lastly, to find out if you are executing your social media strategy well, use analytics tools to get down to the nitty-gritty measurements of likes, follows and click-throughs. Google Analytics is a good place to start, as well as HootSuite which allows you to keep track of the progress of multiple social media accounts across many different platforms.

In short, use all tools at your disposal to analyse your social media performance. Work harder on the posts which generate more engagement and revisit your social media strategy to remind yourself of your goals and objectives. You may also choose to alter your strategy as a result of the information you have gleaned from the analytical information you have gathered.

If you need a few more pointers, we’d love to hear from you. Talk to SocialB, and we’d be more than happy to help!

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